Members of Chart-Topping Bands Flyleaf and P.O.D. Have Gone in a New Musical Direction With New Trio

Welcome, Belle and the Dragon! Let's delve right into discussing the band, and how each of you collectively combines your expressive selves in order to create the ultimate product of your sound?

It's really important for me for all of us to be ourselves and to dive into our own feel and vibe as we track the music. It's what makes art come alive and feel human. Belle and the Dragon was a project that was wanting to be cultivated for some time already. Are you able to tell our readers what finally stimulated the bands to drive to bring this project about? What would you say the main theme of the band is today? Belle And The Dragon was something I've been wanting to do since 2015. As a songwriter, I'm writing songs all the time, so I would fill up hard drives with songs and ideas, and it became a sort of a graveyard of songs and ideas. Because of life circumstances I was moving from Los Angeles to San Diego and started teaching music and put the whole thing on hold when I was encouraged by those close to me to pursue this project and bring it to light.  The main theme that I hope will run through the lifespan of Belle And The Dragon will be to address difficult questions about life and love and inspire us to think and feel. It's really a selfish endeavor because I'm really writing songs as a therapy to help me understand, change, and accept things that are out of my control. The band seems to be very connected to the listening base. How do you pursue your songs during the creation stage to ensure your listeners extract exactly what it is the band intends them to? This is a great question that I'm not sure I could articulate a clear and concise answer. When I write lyrics, I do try to make a conscious decision not to see things as black and white. No good guys or bad guys, no villains or heroes. I try to find the human element of both sides and just talk about how difficult this experiment we call life really is. Where can you see your sound advancing from here? Does Belle and the Dragon have a plan in place regarding the growth of the band, or is the band wanting the process to occur naturally? As far as the sound of Belle And The Dragon progresses, I think it will depend on how we're feeling when the writing and recording process happens. We will continue to "throw paint at the wall" and experiment with sounds. A wise man once said, "a good song is a good song is a good song," and I will keep striving to write cool interesting songs, whatever that means.  We appreciate the time to chat, Belle and the Dragon! Are there any plans for future music, or is the band anticipating any collaborations in the near future?

I'm always writing. I really want to release new music constantly and create an overwhelming catalog of music to where people don't know where to start. I have some ideas about collaborations, but I haven't called them yet.

Listen to Belle and the Dragon, here.