Mental Friction Brings Heat and Passion With Their Latest Single “Show Me Some Love”

From the garage to the stage, alt-rock band Mental Friction releases their blazing single “Show Me Some Love.” After being in development for five years, Mental Friction has taken their drive and persistence and used it to turn heads with every release and live performance. Always striving for something different yet intriguing, Mental Friction’s latest release “Show Me Some Love” brings a variety of emotions to the forefront. Singing about needing love, yet through high energy rock instrumentals and soaring vocals, Mental Friction has made “Show Me Some Love” to be incredibly anthemic. Kicking off with energetic drum and percussion patterns that move into the guitar’s striking power chords giving “Show Me Some Love,” a strident and sharp rock atmosphere. Reaching the chorus, Mental Friction comes together. It serves catchy melodies that let us all sing along while providing us with tightly wound instrumentals that give Mental Friction an edge of precision and detail. With the lead vocals having some muffled filter overtop, we can feel the depth and a sense of breathing room. With hi-fi electric guitar solo’s and an incredibly ear-pleasing chorus, Mental Friction’s single “Show Me Some Love” brings high energy and endless passion that speaks volumes today.

Fall in love with "Show Me Some Love" here.