MESSIMER Has Recently Released Their Emotional Single "I Don't Need You - Yes I Do"

MESSIMER is is a rock band that consists of decades of screw-ups, lies, self-reflection, alcoholism, hard life lessons, and the ability to try again through the support of friends and family. MESSIMER has recently released their emotional single "I Don't Need You - Yes I Do" and it is the perfect hybrid of styles and storytelling. "I Don't Need You - Yes I Do" features elemental flairs from various genres that include folk, rock, blues, and alternative.

From a storytelling perspective, this record will take you on an emotional rollercoaster that will make you feel reminiscent, sad, happy, hopeful and regretful all at once. It is a very colorful picture that gets painted throughout the record. "I Don't Need You - Yes I Do" also features Queen-like vocal harmonies, a memorable edgy guitar riff, a punchy melodic bass, an explosive musical drum kit, and storytelling melodic vocals that soar throughout the song. The highlighting theme is contrast and both storytelling wise and musically this happens, whether it's the contrasting lyrical message of the song to have a generally dark moody feeling than suddenly lift to something upbeat and almost happy at the ending. This is a lovely record that you will not want to miss out on.

Listen to "I Don't Need You - Yes I Do" here.

Hey there MESSIMER! We are absolutely loving your emotional release "I Don't Need You - Yes I Do"! What was the songwriting and production process like for it?

The songwriting and production for this whole record has been something that wasn't planned, nor was it something I even put much thought into. It was born out of necessity in order to sort out my feelings over my father's illness and death. When you're going through something like that, you grasp at whatever vice you have to help you get through it. I don't partake in any drugs and I quit drinking over 3 years ago, so music has kind of become my vice. All of the songs were stream of consciousness. This one in particular. 

We heard that you record the music yourself, that's awesome! What was that process like for this release? Did you face any challenges?

The planned record in my mind was finished. I had all the songs ready to go and was a day away from sending it off to mastering when the opening line, "I don't need you...", popped into my head. The entire thing was written, recorded, and mixed that day. It took me maybe 6 hours from beginning to end. It's crazy how when that happens, you often find those become your best songs. I obviously had more to say and it all came out in this one.

What would your influences and inspiration be for the music that's being created? What about them makes them an influence?

A year or so ago, I knew I wanted to write something more complex with a bit less of a commercial feel than my previous releases. I by no means think my previous songs were overtly poppy or had much mass appeal, but I still had those ideas in my head when written them. For whatever was next, I knew it needed to be more for me. Knowing that, it only made sense to me to dive straight into The Beatles' "White Album" and The Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds". Those two albums might be the most inspired records in history, spanning multiple genres and even creating some. I also spent a good amount of time listening to "Little Criminals" and "Trouble in Paradise" by Randy Newman. His style of writing is maybe the most unique in popular music. Blend those four records together, shake it up with some huge personal life changes, and I guess this is what you get.

We heard that your music is the very honest raw version of you, how has your writing changed from since you have started? 

Actually I've kind of come full circle. I started writing my own songs when I was 13 or 14. At that age you're so emotional and introspective, you almost have no choice other than write out your every feeling to avoid screaming at everyone and losing your mind. Around 20 years old I really started to jump into heavy drinking and that messed up, among other things, the clarity that I used to put into my lyrics. When you're drunk 80% of the time, it's hard to know what you're really even feeling. Since sobering up, that clarity has come back. I'm now writing the way I did when I first started, which is to wear it all on my sleeve and not hide anything to avoid screaming at everyone and losing my mind.