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Mexx Heart Turns A New Page In Her Song, “Pretend”

A native of Fort Worth, Texas, Indie artist Mexx Heart released her emotional new single “Pretend.”

Mexx Heart was raised surrounded by music and motivated by her father, who showed her multiple genres. Since she released her first single in 2020, she has been nominated for Josie Music Awards. She has also earned the recognition of great artists, taking her to perform at Barry Manilow’s Grammy afterparty.

In “Pretend,” Mexx Heart shows her most vulnerable part with honest lyrics full of memories in a song with exciting instrumentals and a heartbreaking story. It is hard to turn the page of a romance that promised so much. Yet, the thoughts, although hurtful, are still charged with love. Get ready to wrap in feelings when listening to “Pretend.”

Listening to “Pretend” starts with a lovely acoustic guitar, a fairy-like piano, and tender drums. The instrumentals immerse you in a dreamy ambiance. Then Mexx Heart’s impressive vocals get in, and her exceptional skills make you feel like you are floating on clouds. Her words get in smoothly to your heart, and you can relate to her story.

Mexx Heart shows her heart open and breaks your walls so you can feel as much as her. When she sings, it seems like she is reading a letter. “Pretend” shows the best of Mexx Heart’s musical skills with clean production. You must listen to “Pretend” if you are into romantic ballads and folk-like instrumentals.

Indulge your ears and feed your heart by hitting the play button on “Pretend.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic Mexx Heart, and congratulations on your latest release, "Pretend." What experience took you to write “Pretend?”

To put it simply: A combination of my worst heartbreaks. What was your most significant purpose when making “Pretend?” To get fresh pain out. I had so much sadness, confusion, anger, and depression from all my heartbreaks. to the point where I felt like I had to Pretend I was okay. My closest friends knew what had happened and were probably waiting for me to snap and lose it. Sometimes I felt myself getting there. But writing Pretend was cathartic. It's some of the best therapy advice I've ever gotten. To write a letter, you'll never send it to the person. I do that now and so often.

What did the creative process of “Pretend” look like?

I was listening to Folklore and Evermore on repeat. Then I'd find myself either singing the songs or humming them, sometimes mixing them up. The lyrics day came to me, and I wrote them down and recorded a voice note on my phone.

Who are the people that support you the most with your music?

Most definitely, Zelle, who's been my producer since I started these projects. She's made all the instrumentals and is a great recording engineer. If it weren't for them, "Pretend" wouldn't be what it is. Tabitha has been my best friend since 2018. She's the first to see lyrics before I finish writing a song. She has her own fashion label called Kephas, which she's been working on for a long time. She's also been my personal "celebrity" stylist since the beginning of 2022. Anytime I want to look extra good when I am in public, I consult her. Hanna and Jenna are my other two best friends from 2019. We met at a concert in 2019, and they've been hard-core supporters ever since. We've driven across the country together many times. They're the first to hear any kind of news I have, and they know me so well. But I wouldn't be where I am if it wasn't for everyone who's clicked this article, anyone who's pressed "play" on my music, or "share" to let everyone know they're listening to me. Everyone I've known throughout my career thus far who's watched my growth and rooting for me behind the screens. They're truly the best!

What's next for you?

To keep working! There's so much in store for this release, from me and from everyone involved.


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