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Micah Leaves Us in Awe of His Latest 5-Track EP, 'Fade'

From Mississippi to Los Angeles, singer-songwriter, producer, and musician Micah releases a dynamic and ear-pleasing 5-track EP entitled 'Fade.'

Micah Faulkner fled to LA over ten years ago to pursue his musical dreams. After taking part in bands/groups like The Raz, Manic Mind, and Project Dirty, Micah finally settled with his solo music career that has no signs of stopping. Recently releasing his 5-track EP, 'Fade,' listeners can get to know Micah on a more personal level as he opens his heart for listeners to hold.

Hitting play on the EP with the introductory and title track, "Fade," we're met with a crashing alt-rock instrumental that seeps through our speakers with vibrant emotion and heart. As Micah makes his way in, the grungy electric guitars begin to crunch through our speakers while he sings in a heavy and low raspy tone to enhance his deep emotions. As Micah continues performing his heart out regarding a new fresh-found love that's that has changed his life for the better, a new perspective, a new love.

Slowing it down with the second track, "So High," the song tenderly opens with a saddened string section, a haunting electric guitar melody, and a warm acoustic guitar. As a voicemail-type sample rumbles through our speakers, Micah takes the spotlight while sadly singing of waiting for a lover to show up at his door. We can't get enough of the song's soulful and deeply emotional feel, as the haunting instrumentals perfectly complement Micah's heartfelt performance while closing the track on a reflective and passionate note.

Reaching the project's halfway point with "Your Arms," this song peacefully takes off with short acoustic guitar bursts and a plucky electric guitar soaked in reverb. As Micah begins to describe the safety and warmth he feels when in someone's arms, he continues to passionately expand on how he would drive for days just to be in someone's presence and breathe a little easier. We're wildly impressed with the amount of vulnerable emotion that Micah has placed into this project, as the EP's halfway point perfectly reminds us why we've stuck around thus far.

Moving forward, the EP's fourth song, "Better Place," kicks off with a reverbed electric guitar melody and an up-close and personal vocal experience through Micah's layered and prominent stylings. As a mid-tempo hip-hop beat begins to jump through our speakers, Micah still maintains the song's natural emotion with help from the melodic electric guitar. As he continues to expand the song's energy and power, Micah jumps into lyrics of keeping the lights on as he waits for someone's return. We love the hazy feel of this single, as it perfectly depicts this overall sense of confusion towards love and loss.

Landing on the EP's outro track with "Heart Attack," this song takes on more of a gritty and robust feel, as Micah opens the song with his sole acoustic guitar and powerful vocals. While Micah's layered vocals continue to sing of running away from the heart attack that is love, he later repeats lyrics like "I am a maniac," which ultimately remind us of grungy and raw performances from none other than Kurt Cobain. As another layered acoustic guitar makes its way in around the outro, Micah closes the perfect outro song to leave his audience with nothing but pure emotion and soul.

Don't miss out on the powerfully emotional listening experience of Micah's latest 5-track EP, 'Fade,' now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Congratulations on releasing your recent 5-track EP, 'Fade.' What inspired the creation of this highly emotional body of work?

I would have to say my inspiration for the first 3 songs on this EP is my beautiful fiancé Shanelle. Long story short, I reconnected with someone, I met 20 years ago and we fell insanely in love. So I wanted to open the EP with all the love vibes and then slowly sprinkle in some darkness towards the end. I mean according to John Lennon (All You Need Is Love)

The last two songs were born out of grief and some frustration inspired by the current state of the world. Better Place- For example. I lost a dear friend, who happened to be my best friend's Father and someone who was a giant positive force in my life when I first moved out to Los Angeles. Heart Attack is basically inspired by the current state of this world and regret on the past! If you only knew then what you know now.

Does the tracklist order for 'Fade' tell a story? How does the EP's theme flow through these five songs?

The tracks are in order to tell a story of love, heartache, and maybe just a little insanity.

What was the most challenging aspect of creating your recent EP, 'Fade'?

The most challenging aspect was Writing, Producing, Recording, Performing, mixing/mastering. Well doing it all myself for the first time. Except I had a great Musician friend Matt West play bass on the title track (Fade) He killed it.

Did you work alongside any producers to help navigate the project's sonics for 'Fade'? Who helped you out during this process?

Nope just me and my abrupt insanity.

Do you have a favorite song off of 'Fade'? What makes this track your top pick?

I would have to say the title track FADE is my favorite song on the EP. Definitely one of my favorite songs that I’ve written so far.


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