Exclusive Premiere: Micah Shares His Fight in New Single “War”

Micah was born in Jackson, Mississippi and moved out to Los Angeles, California to pursue his dreams. Micah eventually started a band called The Raz, and performed all around Los Angeles for a couple of years. Micah is hitting the scene hot with his newest single titled “War”. We loved a lot of elements to this record but let’s start out with the western acoustic melodies that were delivered with so much skill and clean execution. The instrumentation from the guitar, sets the tone for the entire song, and Micah’s raspy and grunge-like vocal tone helps create this cinematic vibe for the listener. The hook sings “This means war, fight of your life…” and this creates a highly passionate experience for the listener.

Listening to “War” you can’t help but become highly inclusive to your goals. "War" is a song that gives you a push and ignites fiery emotions, that really makes you want to get what you yearn for. We just love the feeling “War” gives you as a listener. Not only are the aesthetics so digestible, but the song is also good enough to give it repeated listens over and over. The chemistry you feel between the music and yourself is what’s special. For Micah, he completely satisfied and impressed his crowd to the point of no return. We’re tuned in with what he has in store for us now and we’re highly excited to see what’s next from this promising artist who has a lot of promising talent. Listen to "War" here!