Michael M Jeni Talks About His New Summer Release "All Mine"

Welcome back to BuzzMusic! For those who don’t know, how would you describe your sound and your approach to music?

The beat itself was produced by popular AfroBeat producer “YOUNG OG BEATS” while the recording, writing, mixing, mastering, and engineering was done by myself! The creative process for this record I feel was more unique than any other records I’ve ever done. With “All Mine” I was able to push the boundaries in terms of lyrical content and give the listeners a more “mature sound”.  As you get older you have to tap into those things, I’m 25 now, it’s time I talk about it! 

Who or what inspires you to continue making music?

Music has always been a huge passion of mine, the reaction's I get from people when they hear my music is very heartwarming! Seeing that people can relate to my music, or a certain song helped them get through a rough situation is what inspires to me to continuously make music. I feel like music is a language everyone understands. It bridges, it heals, and it's a way of communicating.

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music? 

My hope is that, every time a listener streams music music, they know its always superb quality, and the song has a good message, regardless if it's explicit or if it's a "happy song" or "sad song". I feel a lot of the music we hear today is over saturated, too much music sounding similar, with no substance or message. 

Did you hone your vocal style over time or have you always had a natural ability to sing?

I knew since 5th grade when I was selected out of 1,000+ students to be part of the "Iowa Opus Honor Choir", I was able to sing naturally. Even at home as young kid, I would run around singing Michael Jackson, Koffi Olomide, and Anita baker's songs! It wasn't until after I graduated high school, I decided to start writing my own song and begin my music career. 

Do you ever worry about divulging too much through your songwriting? Or do you think it’s better to always be relatable?

At times yes, when I write songs I try not to relate the lyrics to one specific situation or one specific memory, but kind of build the song around it. For example my new single "All Mine", there's a line where I say "you do the things I like, I swear I ain't never had it like this, the way you move, the things you do, you got me asking for more" Some might ask "Who's the girl you're talking about"? this doesn't mean I'm talking about a specific girl, it's just at one point in time these "things" that I had mentioned previously did happen, could've been at a party, my house, or even the bed room. 

What other projects are you working on through the end of 2019?

For now, I'm working on the visuals for my new single "All Mine" which should be released soon! After the video.....well I'll leave the rest as a surprise. STAY TUNED!


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