Michael Walter Spread His Message Of Music And Ministry In “Your Love Is So Amazing”

Michael Walter is a talented singer/songwriter and pianist from Louisiana. He strives the spread his love for God and the church, along with his catchy music. Michael's love for playing the piano was sparked after watching the church's musician at the tender age of 7. With much enthusiasm, he began learning quickly and soon enough he playing the organ and keyboard and church and began birthing his own original songs. By the age of 12, Michael became the official musician at his church. In addition to all of this, he began to experiment with singing. He now jokes that, "God must have been tired of hearing me make all that noise, so He decided to give me the real gift of singing." His passion and love for God is evident when he ministers and his charismatic style draws others to him. His heart is to reach the nations with his music and ministry.

With so much notable success, Michael Walter releases his single “Your Love Is So Amazing”. It’s an uplifting and light hearted piece about everything that is good. Celebrating life, love, and ministry, the vocals are timeless and transporting. I love the parts in “Your Love Is So Amazing” where many harmonically-rich voices are layered to bring the full power of Michael’s music into effect. Michael is passionate about creating music about giving God and His love. It’s evident in “Your Love Is So Amazing” as the repeated message is about praising God for His undying love. Michael Walter continue to spread his passion for music and ministry through his incredible sound. Turn this single on, enjoy the music and sing along with Michael Walter positivity and contagious message! 

Listen to “Your Love Is So Amazing” here and get to know more about Michael Walter below!

Thanks for chatting with us Michael! We love your voice! Have you had any professional training?

Wow Thanks! I was a vocal major in college and yes I did take voice lessons.

What made you decide to start recording your music and spreading your message on a larger scale?

Music has always been a dream of mine to do particularly Gospel music. I can remember being a kid thinking one day I’m gonna be a Gospel or Christian Artist and travel the world.

Tell us more about your song “Your Love Is So Amazing”! Who’s doing the backup vocals?

This was actually one of the songs I wrote while being in college. There are two people doing background vocals on this song a great friend of mine named Terrence and his sister Tammy! They do backgrounds professionally for major gospel artist and they are incredible as I’m sure you heard.

When you're not writing music, what do you do?

I’m spending time with my wife, watching movies, or just hanging out with friends.

Can we expect a full album in the near future?

Yes, next year I plan on doing an EP. I’m excited about that who knows it could turn into a full album we’ll see.


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