Michael White Brings Us Warm Sensations With "Can't Seem to Say It"

Pure and heartful pop artist Michael White is here to debut single "Can't Seem to Say It"! Hailing from Portland, OR, Michael White is bringing stimulating and refreshing energy to his songs. We're excited to talk about this particular single of Michael's, mostly for the funky energy it dissipates. We feel enriched by the vocal presence of Michael White in "Can't Seem to Say It", and we are overwhelmed by the ecstasy his voice brings. If you want to find music that will change your mood for the day, Michael White is the pop artist to go to, and his recent single "Can't Seem to Say It" will do just the trick.

You're immediately faced with an eclectic and electronic sound from Michael White in "Can't Seem to Say It". The track has some defining features, ranging from the integration of prominent dance/disco elements to deep and soulful tones. We receive luscious vocalism from Michael White, who gracefully performs the fun and light lyricism. Michael White feels very real to us, and his music makes us feel incredibly joyful. He has that natural factor to him that radiates nothing but sunshine! We love artists such as Michael White, mainly because he can transform our entire mentality through a song. "Can't Seem to Say It" does exactly this, regardless of the intended story. Once you delve deeper into the actual meaning of the song though, you can't help but feel addicted to the outcomes of Michael White's adventure.

Explore Michael White's "Can't Seem to Say It" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Michael White! What's the story behind "Michael White" the pop artist from Portland, Oregon? The story 'bout me?? I am a romantic, damaged soul who puts that into his music. I'm kidding, but I am also serious. If Khalid and Ariana Grande made a child.....that would be me. My main purpose is to bring nothing but positivity to my music. Whether it's the sound of the production or the lyrics. It's gotta make me feel something.

How did you get into the pop music scene?

I got into the pop scene because I felt as if it was the only genre here in PDX that was lacking. There is a wide variety of us in Portland but not a lot of Pop artists are being well represented. Don't get me wrong I love the RnB scene here, but it's all that the city is focused on. I want to expand that circle of artists and make it a new staple here in PDX

We really enjoyed listening to your song "Can't Seem to Say It". How would you describe your creative process behind this record?

It's funny because this track was supposed to be a ballad. Then one day this beat popped up on my feed and the lyrics just worked. It gave me the 80's & 90's vibes that I didn't know I was looking for. And that is what inspired the cover art as well.

"Can't Seem to Say It" is very relatable. What inspired you to write this song? 

Can't Seem to Say It is me expressing how I feel about someone in a song because I can't say it to their face. I wrote this based purely on my own feelings. Not only that but my past experiences with being hurt time and time again. That's something I know someone listening can relate to. We've all had strong feelings for someone and they were never reciprocated back. We get hurt time and time again. But when you wanna say how you feel, you just can't. Because of that damn fear of rejection.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

MORE MUSIC. 2020 is about really creating a name for myself. Even if it's just in Portland. Working on getting myself out there. I want to put out an album by the fall. I want to perform more, and maybe even travel and make merch. But I do want to say, that if you have put dreams down because there wasn't any support from your peers. Keep doing what you do because someone out there will support what you do. Keep going for your dreams, even when you think it's too late. It's not. Keep dreaming love.