Michael White Brings Us Warm Sensations With "Can't Seem to Say It"

Pure and heartful pop artist Michael White is here to debut single "Can't Seem to Say It"! Hailing from Portland, OR, Michael White is bringing stimulating and refreshing energy to his songs. We're excited to talk about this particular single of Michael's, mostly for the funky energy it dissipates. We feel enriched by the vocal presence of Michael White in "Can't Seem to Say It", and we are overwhelmed by the ecstasy his voice brings. If you want to find music that will change your mood for the day, Michael White is the pop artist to go to, and his recent single "Can't Seem to Say It" will do just the trick.

You're immediately faced with an eclectic and electronic sound from Michael White in "Can't Seem to Say It". The track has some defining features, ranging from the integration of prominent dance/disco elements to deep and soulful tones. We receive luscious vocalism from Michael White, who gracefully performs the fun and light lyricism. Michael White feels very real to us, and his music makes us feel incredibly joyful. He has that natural factor to him that radiates nothing but sunshine! We love artists such as Michael White, mainly because he can transform our entire mentality through a song. "Can't Seem to Say It" does exactly this, regardless of the intended story. Once you delve deeper into the actual meaning of the song though, you can't help but feel addicted to the outcomes of Michael White's adventure.

Explore Michael White's "Can't Seem to Say It" here.