Michael White Navigates the Motion of Intimacy in, "Drive Me Crazy"

29-year-old LGBTQ+ Pop artist Michael White hails from the city of Portland, as he brings positive vibes in his distinct sound and lyrical content. His extensive vocal range takes inspiration from Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, and Christina Aguilera and he utilizes his skillset in a way that makes each release that much more captivating.

Defining his genre as mainly Pop, he has no problem combining various genres to his sound to deliver that feel-good energy. Tapping into a whimsical soundscape of brimming sensation, his most recent single “Drive Me Crazy” has our speakers soaring in irrefutable charisma. The smooth and sultry vocalization that Michael White takes into his music has him serenading us through an ambient realm daubed in effervescent synths and beguiling rhythm.

Michael White delivers his sweet vocals in a way that brightens his profound resonance as they effortlessly come pouring from the speakers in harmonious bliss. We find ourselves immediately swept into a kingdom of starry-eyed composure that utilizes the canvas of our minds to reflect his intricately crafted lyrics as they leave an imprint of the vivid imagery fashioned.

“Drive Me Crazy,” is both fluently mesmerizing and dripping in complexity. Something that tends not to go hand in hand when enchanting melodies mirror repetition. However, the reiteration that is brought to the table cascades in a reverberated chamber of love and admiration as Michael White simply pours his heart out about a subject that comes to him as second nature.

The buoyant comedic relief that trickles into the speakers before “Drive Me Crazy,” comes to an end showcases the unapologetic persona that Michael White vulnerably wears as he guides you to take him for who he is as an artist and individual. Dripping in authenticity, we’re here for Michael White’s captivating timbres as he serves us up a piece of genuine emotion.

Hello Michael, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of “Drive Me Crazy.” We love the new single! It really takes us through a tour of our own nostalgic memories. Did you find the writing process for “Drive Me Crazy,” to come to you effortlessly, or did you have to apply yourself a bit more to the theme radiated? Thank you! It's one of my favorite songs off this album. "Drive Me Crazy" came immensely effortlessly. It's basically about a situation with a certain person in my life and I get strung across and played with like a freaking toy. We get close and things happen and I get mixed signals and it, no pun intended, Drives me crazy haha. Like most songs I do they relate to things, moments, and scenarios in my life. This is just a page of one of the chapters of my story.

What moment or story inspired the overall creation of this striking narrative that you depict? Well, this song is meant for anyone who is being strung along by someone who is sending off "mixed signals". I'm a single man who is not tied down to anyone but I am always stuck in the same situations where I'm "seeing" someone constantly and we do the things that people in relationships do but they don't really say anything about where you stand. It's a constant game of overthinking. Makes you go insane and you just overthink every little thing. From the text messages, the vibes, the moments you guys have together. You just want to know where you stand but no one wants to make the first move. Was there anyone that assisted you in bringing this composition to life when it comes to the production or engineering elements? If so, how did they contribute to the desired sound that we hear? "Drive Me Crazy" was one of the longest songs on this album to record. I messaged this guy Sean back early summer 2020 (who is now one of my good friends) and I told him I had this song I wanted to do. We ended up doing these late-night sessions on this track. I recorded this song so differently. We started with lead vocals one night, then harmonies, background vocals, adlibs, and so on. Every night we worked together it was something different. But I got to be a part of the mixing process, which I never get to do. So I had a say in all the parts of what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to be taken out. Got to comp vocals together and make something great. What are you hoping that your audience takes away from the theme and messaging in “Drive Me Crazy?" I hope people dig the vibe of the track. There are so many layers of vocals, harmonies, and stuff so in certain speakers and stuff, you can hear all the plushy goodness. But it's a sassy kind of song. The adlibs that peak in and out of the track just straight-up sassiness. It's just a fun song to put on blast and just dance to. The message is if you're really into someone, be upfront with them and tell them how ya feel. Stop driving people crazy with mixed signals What can we anticipate to hear next from you? Well, this song is off of my first album called 'My Heart.' It's an album I've been working on since late 2019 all through 2020. So I'm super stoked to get it released. Available May 14th, 2021. I am also stacking up songs for future projects. I have a single called "Our Time" being released shortly after the album release that will be a part of a shorter EP. And by the holidays some Christmas stuff. I'm always working and thinking about what to do next. But all I can say is that I'm loving this new stuff that I am creating and I hope the new listeners will too!