Michelle-Lee Harris Lights The Way With Her Single "Used to Be"

Michelle-Lee Harris is grounded in her faith and love for music. After discovering her passion at an early age, Michelle began singing at church and her talent did not go unnoticed. Thanks to the support of her mother and many others, she has pursued music ever since and she has definitely worked hard for it. Michelle has studied music at university, worked with numerous music groups, and has released her own music. We're ready for her to take the world by storm. Michelle's voice can brighten up any room. It's soulful, intimate, warm, and loving sound creates music that is uplifting and true. Once you hear it, you will be mesmerized. Her single "Used to Be" highlights her talent and proves she is ready.

"Used to Be" has a classic, dreamy sound. It features Emcee N.I.C.E., who contrasts Michelle's soft, sultry voice by adding another layer with deeper tones. It's a great balance and really makes Michelle angelic spirit shine. This track's R&B/pop vibe is so polished and well done it's hard to believe. The beat's catchy too. Instrumentally everything comes together and leaves the track feeling pristine and clean. Michelle knows exactly what she's doing vocally and the lyrics complement that. It gives Michelle the chance to show her emotions throughout the song in a way that is so authentic. Her performance throughout "Used to Be" is just so on point, you have got to give it a listen!

Listen to "Used to Be" here and keep scrolling to read our interview with Michelle-Lee Harris!

Hi Michelle! Welcome to BuzzMusic! "Used to Be" is fire. Can you tell us more about the song?

The process of this song was so crazy! Nice and I met for the first time at the Elevation Conference in Boston earlier in the year. We heard a song that had this Neo soul vibe that everyone was rocking out to. He asked me if I would be willing to collab to a vibe like that and I immediately said “Yes!” When the time came, I reached out to my producer Harry Wilson who lives for soulful beats like that and asked if he could send me some fire. He sent me 2 beats, and I wrote the hook for “Used To Be” to the 2nd beat. I sent Nice both beats as well as the rough I came up with and he immediately suggested that we use the hook on the 1st beat. BEST DECISION EVER! I love telling that story because it goes to show that original plans can change but the outcome is always for the better.

What gave you the inspiration to produce a song like "Used to Be"?

This song already had that “back in the day” vibe, so I just went with it! Everyone can go back to a memory when they were younger and the fun times they had. Walking to the corner store with some money your mom gave you, living at your old house, what your room looked like, etc. Although it’s nice to walk down “memory lane”, we have to keep growing and moving forward in life. 

Your love for music is so genuine. What kind of meaning does being a musician give you in life?

Wow, first, I appreciate that acknowledgment. Thank you. Being a musician is a great responsibility that I don’t take lightly. Being a musician grants me the ability to control the listeners thoughts and emotions. You could have the best day in the world and if I play a song with a sad/depressing vibe and words that speak of sadness, your emotions will instantly connect to it and potentially have you on the verge of tears! On the contrary, you could be in a bad mood and have your feelings modify to peace and joy when a light, upbeat song is heard. With such control, I have chosen to create music that generates strong, truthful and confident emotions. There’s a message in every song I serve, letting the listener know who they are, they’re authority and the immeasurable worth they carry. I understand the power of words and keep that in mind when creating music so when you sing along, you’re singing life!

How has your faith helped you to be a better musician?

Man, It hasn’t just helped me, it’s the very reason I’m a musician! When I was younger I loved music but I NEVER wanted to be a face. I was more of a songwriter/ “singing in the background” type of person so please believe me when I say, me singing my music in front of people is ALL GOD’s IDEA lol. Honestly, I had been running from singing but my love for music was far too passionate to sweep under the rug. Once I surrendered my life and gift fully to God, He’s been using me more than I could ever imagine. A few years ago, if you would’ve told me that one of my songs would be For your Grammy consideration, “Record of the Year”,  “Best Contemporary Christian Music Song”, and  “Best Arrangement Instrument and Vocals”,  I would’ve laughed at you, but as I said, God always has a way of changing your original plans for His better plan. 


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