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Michelle Mondesir Sonically Blessed Listeners With “Sunday Sun”

Toronto, Canada - the city that has brought us the monstrous artists such as Drake, The Weeknd and now we are graced with the presence of Michelle Mondesir. The R&B artist is making waves with her self produced and mixed music, which is very tasty to the ears!

“Sunday Sun” eases in with light percussion, then the powerful synth lead and vocals come in and you’re already basking in the glow of the track. Her voice is extremely soft and the vocal performance is absolutely flawless. I wish I could say I could compare her vocals to someone, but I can’t. They feel unique and familiar at the same time, which is all any artist could really ask for. “Hoping the sun keeps shining” Michelle expresses. “Nothings going to hold you back”, this is a song of hope and love. The song clocks at 3:39 and it feels right. This music is easy listening and you can show anyone in your life, any moment and impress them. There’s no guess here, Michelle Mondesir can have it all. Be sure to keep on the lookout for more new music and listen to “Sunday Sun” every day of the week. 

Listen to "Sunday Sun" by Michelle Mondesir here.


“Sunday Sun” is your 17th release of 2019. Was this part of your “Music Monday” efforts?

Actually it wasn’t, Music Mondays ran from February 2019 - July 2019 where I released 15 tracks. But of course, the creativity never stops lol and I wanted to keep sharing what I was working on so, I released “Give Me All Your Lovin’” on November 1st and my latest release “Sunday Sun” this past Monday,  Dec 9th.

Why is it important for you to be self-produced? Have you had too many negative experiences working with other producers?

Haha, I wouldn’t exactly say it’s important to be self-produced as I’m definitely always open to collaboration. I haven’t had the opportunity to work with many other producers as yet. I actually just love producing. I started partially out of necessity and it turned into a huge passion. I enjoy being able to conceptualize a song from beginning to end. I have a load of unreleased instrumental music because I’m always in my studio messing around with the sound design and "nerding out" with new production tools and toys.

Toronto has given us such amazing artists, do you draw any influence from the Toronto R&B scene?

Yes! I love so many Toronto artists.  I grab inspiration from everywhere and Toronto artists are definitely a part of that. I grew up listening to major acts like Deborah Cox, Divine Brown, Melanie Fiona, K-OS, Jully Black and more recently Daniel Caesar, Alessia Cara, and Jessie Reyez.  And newer up and coming artists like Anders, Nav, Charlotte Day Wilson all have their own sound.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why? That is probably the hardest question you could ask me because there are so many! I’ve been a long-time admirer of Erykah Badu, her vibe and creativity are inspiring. I’d love to have the opportunity to work with Canadian legend David Foster because of his beautiful songwriting and arranging. As far as newer artists, I’m really enjoying the creativity and talent of H.E.R. As far as producers, I’d be honored to work with Timbaland and Boi-1da one day because they’re dope at what they do and have their own unique and unmistakable sound. And I’d also love to write songs for talented up and coming singers. 

Any final words for your fans? Any new music coming out? I want to start by thanking you guys at BuzzMusic for taking the time to cover my music, it truly means a lot to me that you're digging it. Also, thank you so very much, everyone, who’s taken a moment to listen to my music especially my 2019 works as there is nothing more important to me, aside from the ability to create, than sharing those creations. I’m currently working on music for an LP I’ll be released in 2020 as well as many more solo shows and shows with my Alt-Rock band Madame Psychosis. Happy holiday season!


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