Michelle Mondesir Stuns with Vocal Ability in “Give Me All Your Lovin"

Michelle Mondesir is a soulful songstress, songwriter, the CEO of the studio Poetic Groove Productions, and more recently, the lead singer and lyricist for Toronto’s explosive rock band Madame Psychosis. Even though she pours her energy into Madam Psychosis, Michelle has never lost her passion for R&B/soul music and is consistently releasing solo material. Her latest single “Give Me All You Lovin’” is a sultry new R&B single that was just released and Michelle has plans to drop another single in December!

“Give Me All Your Lovin’” brings back nostalgic sounds of yesteryear and consists of the smooth and old school- inspired R&B vocals combined with a gorgeous melody. Michelle’s clear-cut and confident vocal bursts into the room with purpose and depth. It’s a beautiful example of her love for the art-form. The soundscape is gorgeous as “Give Me All Your Lovin’” provides a few minutes of musical bliss and delicacy, and that vocal drive and these lyrics feel incredibly hopeful and mighty in the way they’re delivered. “Give Me All Your Lovin’” is a versatile track that can be interpreted in whichever way suits the listener. The R&B backbeat keeps the track swaying with Michelle’s expansive vocals. Her expert lyricism is the result of years of practice leading up to this release. With so much notable success and so much to look forward to after this release, we can’t wait to see what Michelle Mondesirdelivers next! 

Check out “Give Me All Your Lovin’” here and scroll down for our interview!

Welcome to the BuzzMusic Michelle Mondesir! Are you able to share with our readers what first got you passionate about music?

I’ve always loved music, I think I literally came out of the womb singing lol. I loved Whitney Houston growing up, so much so, it ended up being a running joke in my family and I was nicknamed “Little Whitney”. Growing up, I was always surrounded with a wide variety of music and greatly influenced by my parents' eclectic taste in music. I also started playing the piano at the age of 5 which even further engrained music into my DNA. 

"Give Me All Your Lovin’" hit us to our very core with your vocal performance. Do you find it comes effortlessly to fill your voice with such soul and passion?

Thank you and I’m so happy to hear that it had such an effect! I honestly try to write music that will move people, that can be felt not just heard and that can evoke an emotional response. It’s important to me that it comes from a place of truth whether my own truth or someone else's truth.  Putting myself in someone else’s shoes has always come easy for me, so as long as I tune into that it isn’t so hard to sing from my soul.

As a song that presents itself as a pleading love song, was it hard for you to write/record "Give Me All Your Lovin’”?!

Hmm, it wasn’t hard to write or record the song. I like that people formulate their own idea of what any given song means to them. For me, as I sat to write it, I wanted it to be a song that reminds people of that deeply seeded passion they have for that someone they want romantically, in the most raw yet loving way, for lack of a better way of saying it, a song that gets your loins going lol.

Do you feel that your music is an accurate depiction of your life? Do you feel ultimately connected to your listeners through your music?

I enjoy paying attention to the world around me especially as it pertains to people and how they navigate life. We’re all so different, and yet so much the same. My music is reflective of not only my personal experiences, but also the experiences of the people around me, both those people I know intimately and also those whom I’ve met only briefly. I do feel connected to my listeners, especially when they tell me what my music has meant to them, how it’s made them feel, or how it has helped them through a tough situation in their lives. 

Can you describe how your performances feel? Do you enjoy live shows, or do you prefer the actual songwriting process? Also, any solo live shows coming up in the near future?!

I enjoy performing, especially at intimate venues but I do also truly love the creative process which usually happens in the wee hours of the morning when I’m alone, there’s silence and most are asleep. I love going into my home recording studio in my pjs with a cup of tea or something stronger haha and just letting my mind and heart do it’s thing. Although I don’t currently have any solo live shows lined up, since I have a busy line-up with my alt-rock band Madame Psychosis, I am working on lining up a number of solo shows for 2020 in conjunction with a new album release.