Midas The Ruler Imparts Heavy-Hitting Rhymes on Latest Release "The Ville"

At first, your ears perceive "The Ville" as a delicate classical piano piece,  but as the heavy beat kicks you know you are in for a dynamic ride on Midas The Ruler's latest release, "The Ville."

Midas The Ruler is an Emcee from Montreal, Canada. Since discovering rap at the young age of 10-years-old, Midas was instantly enthralled by the musical genre and threw himself into the artistry, starting by freestyling and eventually progressing into songwriting. Putting his dreams on the back burner to pursue other endeavors, Midas The Ruler rekindled his love of rap and has been turning out thought-provoking rhymes for the past four years.

"The Ville" is Midas's latest hit and it has all the makings of a powerful, charged performance. As the tripped- up-beat spouts off the drum kit, the classically tinged piano is joined by a sorrowful violin, creating a dynamic, multilayered rap hit.  Midas The Ruler lays his rhymes down with prowess and substance.

His rhymes come from a place of substance and realty, there's nothing to make up here, Midas The Ruler uncovers the hardships faced by poverty-stricken communities around the world.  As he drops his whistleblower rhymes, he clearly draws a line in the sand marking his territory on the rap game. Don't miss this provoking new single from Midas The Ruler and discover "The Ville" today.

Hello Midas The Ruler, and welcome to BuzzMusic. Can you start by telling our listeners a bit about yourself?

Alright, So I'm Midas The Ruler. I'm an Emcee from Montreal, Canada. I've been in love with Hip Hop for as long as I could remember. Ever Since I heard 2 Pac's Me Against the World album at the tender age of 9 I've been hooked. Seriously I've been rapping for 3 years now. I'm more of a traditional Emcee rather than a new school rapper. I rap mostly about life and God & Spirituality. We loved your latest release "The Ville." Can you tell us a bit more about the track and the level of awareness you were generating from your lyrics?

The Ville is a song based on the borough in Montreal I grew up in called Lachine. Me and my homies call it The Ville as a nickname. In this particular track, I'm not only talking about what Lachine is like but also trying to spread awareness of the misfortune of growing up in that area, for example, I got this one line where I say "Things will change for the better but for now where poverty-stricken like Michigan with lack of water like Flint" Or the line where I say "We got Crack dealers selling rock for 20 dollars a pop"   Implying that the area of Lachine is drug-infested. "The Ville" as so much going on within the soundscape. The piano, violin, drum kit, they all go so well together and really creates an unforgettable musical composition. What does your song creating process look like?

As far as my writing process. There are 2 ways I do it. The first and usual way is I hear a beat that I like and based on what I'm hearing I instantly come up with a concept within the first 10 seconds of listening to the beat. The second way would be that I hear the beat that I like of course and I just start freestyling to it and I will use those first 2 or 3 bars that freestyled as the beginning of the song. and whatever I said will be the concept of the song and then I just continue writing from there. What is the rap community like in Montreal, and how has it fueled your artistry?

Well, Montreal is a pretty live city in general from the live shows to the concerts, festivals, etc so when it comes to hip hop yes the hip hop shows and concerts are pretty live especially considering the fact that hip hop shows require more energy than any other type of show in general, not just music shows but shows in general. As far as the talent, we have a lot of talented Emcees like my crew the label of creation.  That would include P.Flow Matics, DC20, and T.S. Mr.Northern touch. There are also some Other dope people like Tokyo Kid from Ville Lasalle Mic The Rapper, Foxx Mulder, and CY. I love performing so I would say that the liveness of Montreal's atmosphere really fuels My Artistry. It makes me wanna continue to create just so I could go perform it on stage.

What's keeping you inspired?

I was a low life in high school and I didn't have the best reputation so just looking back at that time in my life and reflecting on it makes me wanna build a new name and reputation for myself and let people especially people I went to high school with know that the kid they knew from high school is no longer that same kid because people change that's a fact of life.