Midas The Ruler's Forgives, But Will Never Forget

The profoundly intriguing Hip-Hop artist and Rapper Midas The Ruler speaks on life's trials and tribulations within his latest single, "I Forgive."

Naming himself after his original acronym 'My. Internal. Definite. Attributes. Solidified.," Midas The Ruler mentioned that this is also a metaphor for God-given talent that he's ever so grateful for while continuing to represent God and his strength within his music.

Regarding his latest single, "I Forgive," Midas The Ruler goes into his deep lyrical content and delivers relatable themes of growing from past pain and using it as a stepping stool to a future full of greatness. With a subtly haunting Hip-Hop beat and a female's heavenly vocal feature, the track is indeed something we can't keep our ears off of.

"I forgive" opens as calmly and smoothly as a mythical movie, with floating keys and a subtle string section. Once the heavy Hip-Hop beat kicks in at a mid-tempo pace, a warm female vocal graces the track and sets the song's intriguing and serious tone.

That being said, As Midas, The Ruler begins rapping about his pressing past, he delivers this sense of resilience and optimism towards his future. The brilliant and beautiful back and forth between Midas The Ruler and the warm female vocals add intense depth that pulls us deeper into this compelling track. Midas The Ruler does an incredible job describing an in-depth storyline with his textured bars, gripping the listener's attention with each meticulously placed lyric.

"I Forgive" takes us through a melancholy yet optimistic tone while Midas The Ruler brings us back down to earth with his genuine lyricism. The overall track is intoxicating and will undoubtedly have listeners wanting more of Midas The Ruler's deep music.

Listen to "I Forgive" here.

We can't get enough of your gripping single, "I Forgive." What inspired you to write a track that surrounds life's trials and tribulations you've faced?

The back story to this track begins with the instrumental. I heard the instrumental just browsing online for beats one night and I came across this one from krayda and I was like okay, this one is special, This one stands out from all the rest. What intrigued me more was the vocal sample. Where the lady says "Unforgettable". That sample right there had me reminiscing about my childhood and everything that I've been thrown in the past. So it was just a matter of putting 2 & 2 together and it came out pretty dope if you ask me! I'm pleased.

Speaking on your single "I Forgive," who is the featured female vocalist warming up your song? Why did you want to add a female's vocals within this piece?

The female vocalist featured is a young lady by the name of Justine Garamani. I hit her up knowing that we had each other on Facebook even though I had never met her prior to me contacting her. But we knew the same people so it was all good. As far as me wanting a female vocalist for the track. Again it starts with the instrumental. There are certain beats that have that Smooth Mello and light vocal samples to them that you just like okay a girl would sound better on this then a guy would and the I forgive instrumental was one of those beats.

Within "I Forgive," your vocal delivery and bars stand out as the track's focal point. Do you usually create tracks like this, where the beat is subtle yet supports your predominant lyrical message?

Actually, no my beats or the beats I choose for that matter are usually up to par with my rapping I just found this particular beat special. And actually, the very first time I heard the beat I never once thought it was subtle I just thought it was special and unique. I know it's not your typical hip hop beat but still, it's great to me.

You've mentioned that you aim to represent God and everything he is about within your music career. Could you tell us how you put this into action within your songs?

Instead of being a "Christian Rapper" Or a "Gospel Rapper" I just try to either make References Or throw subliminal messages here & there about God in my music. Like for example my latest single called spiritual warfare I start in the beginning by saying 'God bless your soul and you're physical' before I start lyrically going in on other rappers spiritually on the mic. I also try to acknowledge the fact that everything came from God so when you hear me say a line like 'God please save us cause it ain't hard to see that the end is near'  from lost pages.

What is one goal with your music that you'd like to reach by the end of the year with your music?

Well for one I got signed to a record label by the name of Paul Star Entertainment about 2 months ago so I'm very pleased with that. I Will be releasing the deluxe version of my latest album M.I.D.A.S. in 2 weeks. So the end goal for this year is to sell as many records as possible.