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Midnight Miles Channels Good Ol’ Fashioned Rock 'N' Roll On “Don’t Worry (Bout A Thing)”

Montreal-based band Midnight Miles dares to be different in a musical world defined mainly by the ability to hop on the latest musical trend.

Instead of perfecting the classic sound of good old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll, the 5-piece band is on a mission to fearlessly create and perform authentic rock 'n' roll that provides listeners with a welcome dose of nostalgia yet remains deliciously contemporary.

With their nostalgic yet modern touch on classic rock, Midnight Miles adds a modern spin to a classic sound. Whether traveling the countryside or cruising through the city, with their spunky instrumentals, free-wheeling guitar and liberating feel, Midnight Miles provides you with the perfect road trip backdrop. Entirely self-produced as well, Midnight Miles are new but enter the musical world with poise and sound that indicate they’ll be making bangers for a long time.

Their latest release, “Don’t Worry (bout a thing),” is an electrifying introduction to the band’s significant musical abilities. Over the aforementioned free-wheeling instrumentals, Midnight Miles jam with an infectious energy that makes you forget everything else.

Whether they’re belting out the chorus (“Don’t you worry bout a thing / Do my best to make your heart sing”) or singing other lyrics like “If and when you got it bad / Rest assured I’m gonna be here whatever it takes until there’s no more sad,” Midnight Miles do it with positively infectious energy.

With their commitment to crafting original, authentic rock 'n' roll, Midnight Miles is a must-watch for anyone who loves classic rock. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream “Don’t Worry (bout a thing),” available now on all major streaming platforms.

We loved “Don’t Worry (bout a thing)”; it was such a perfect execution of the sound! It felt so nostalgic too! We have to ask, where did the inspiration for “Don’t Worry (bout a thing)” come from?

Happy to be here. Thanks for the kind words. Sometimes when we find ourselves struggling, there’s someone out there who can turn it all around for us. In “Don’t worry (‘bout a thing),” this happens to the main character. They’ve got the blues, but then someone comes along and reminds us of the many things we’ve got to be thankful for. As the song progresses, a more liberated main character vows to always be there for this other person in the same way, no matter what. A testament to what goes around comes around.

How did “Midnight Miles” come to be?

Justin Wiley (our drummer & producer) and I (Ryan Setton) have played in bands together for over a decade. During the pandemic, we started crafting a new project that would feel uncontrived and liberating simultaneously. After writing the first few songs, we began the search for musicians we wanted in our band. By early 2022, our team had in place a whole show's worth of original music ready to roll.

You mentioned you’re currently based in Montreal, Quebec. What’s your favorite thing about the music scene there, and how did it contribute to you guys as artists?

People often describe Montreal as a musical city because people here love live music. One thing that holds true is the scene has a little something for everyone. Cutting one’s teeth in the many local venues here is a good opportunity for any artist to hone their craft, regardless of where they’re from. That being said, however, what continues to contribute to our process the most is more about our combined musical tastes rather than where we’re based.

What do you want fans to feel when they listen to your music?

We want our fans to be exhilarated and deeply connected. Connected to the music, themselves, each other, and the world around us. Well… that and we want it to feel like cruising down the highway with the windows rolled down.

What’s next for Midnight Miles? Do you have any big plans for the rest of the year?

We will be playing a lot this year in celebration of our debut EP, Steal Away! We’re also back in the studio working on a new batch of really juicy original music, which we hope to release later in 2023.


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