Mike Kiddoo Reveals His Pop/Rock Title With "Beyond"

Texas-based artist Mike Kiddoo is in the music game to bring a polished Pop/Rock sound. Mike Kiddoo's musical stylings consist of a contemporary approach to the Rock N' Roll game, but with many dynamic and influential pop ingredients. Kiddoo takes pride in the fact that any sounding you hear from him and his music is purely authentic. Authenticity is undoubtedly a factor to express throughout your music, and once we listened through to what makes us Mike Kiddoo's sound, we agreed that authenticity was there. With past releases such as "Rabbit Hole", "Voodoo" and a future EP, Mike Kiddoo has been a hustling artist, one that gives us yet another single release, "Beyond".

With Mike Kiddoo's release of "Beyond" came an intriguing approach and styling to what is Pop Rock N' Roll in our era today. There definitely are modern characteristics that are incredibly potent throughout "Beyond", but Mike Kiddoo makes sure not to forget those prominent rock soundings all Rock N' Roll fans adore and feed off of. There's a dramatic element to "Beyond" regarding both production and vocal integration, which really gives the song energy and vitality. You can't listen to "Beyond" and not feel one ounce of the spirit inserted into that track. It was that sense of energy that really locked "Beyond" in for us as a fruitful pop/rock single, and we urge our readers to check the track out for themselves to see what locks it in for each listener! Access "Beyond" here. 

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