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Miles V Lays It All out With New Single “It’s True”

From the fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada - we are given Miles V. and his new indie rock powerhouse of a single “It’s True”. You know when a song starts playing for the first time, by any artist, and you are instantly roped in but also have a sense of direction of where it’s going? Well, you can add “It’s True” by Miles V. to this list! The song opens up with a catchy guitar lick that is present throughout the entire song. Much to the likes of most indie rock music, the production of the drums is not amazing, but again the genre and songs call for it. Lyrically, you hear themes of meditation and ego, which really makes you wonder if Miles V. is in touch with himself!

Melody wise, the song is rich in powerful melodic hooks that give you that “instant classic” and sense of direction feeling (coupled with the guitar lick). Going back to the lyrics, if I could describe this song in 2 words, it’s “Self Aware” and that’s what “It’s True” is. It's easy as humans to point blame when things go wrong, but again, it seems like Miles V. is tapped into something and we are about it! By the end of the song, you’re ready for more music by Miles V and it’s the sort of vibe where you can let Spotify keep playing and doing its thing. For fans of Catfish & The Bottlemen and Said The Whale, we highly recommend giving “It’s True” a spin today! Listen here.

Thanks for being with us at Buzz Music today, Miles! “It’s True” seems like an honest self-aware song that speaks to meditation. How important is it for you to practice mindfulness and meditation in your daily life?

Thanks for having me! Yes, meditation is the most important part of my daily routine! I usually meditate for 20-60min. It has shown me not to run from my demons but to simply just sit with them. No labels, no attachment to thoughts or feelings, just seeing what they're about. The only way out is in!

The vocal production is amazing but the drums seem reserved. Was this a conscious decision?

Thank you. Yes, I wanted the drums to be a little quieter so the lyrics would pop out! I’ve been listening to a lot of Tom Petty lately and his vocals are very prominent, I like that!! 

Who was the producer of this song and was it your first time working together?

I produced it myself! I did most of the recording at my house besides the drums! My good buddy Pat Hundley from Las Vegas mixed it and my other friend Paul Grundman from L.A. mastered it! They made it sound great! 

What do you hope listeners take away from “It’s True”?

I want people to realize that everyone gets sad. Everyone has their own demons. Everyone is dealing with something and that’s OK. The only way out is in! 

Lastly, do you have any final words for your fans and anyone listening?

Yes! I want to end by quoting Jim Carrey by saying, “You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.” Thank you! 


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