Miranda Lopez Catches Herself In a Haunting "Bad Dream”

The London singer/songwriter Miranda Lopez gracefully returns to BuzzMusic with her latest celestial single "Bad Dream." Coming in and out of features with us, Miranda Lopez has shown exceptional growth towards her songwriting and continues to wow us with each new release. Speaking on her latest single "Bad Dream," Miranda Lopez mentioned that she wanted to create a full-out journey with this song. As she takes us to the lows of love and touches on the heavy emotions we feel after separation (whether it's anger, sadness, or both), Miranda Lopez does an impeccable job of bringing us through a complex storyline.

"Bad Dream" opens as foggy as a bad dream does. Gaining clarity once Miranda Lopez begins vocalizing with an incredibly haunting approach, she sings heavy lyrics of not giving in to someone 'winning' the game of love. She states that her experience with this person was similar to a "Bad Dream," what makes the track all the more haunting are the deep growling synths, and the dreamy atmosphere portrayed by transcendent electric guitars. The outro delivers scorching alt-rock instrumentals with whaling electric guitars that perfectly ends the track on a high note. We're astounded by Miranda Lopez's clear storyline with "Bad Dream," and we think you'll relate to it just as much as we did.