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MISCHA Opens Up On Her Latest Single, "G2G"

A warm welcome back and a big congratulations on the release of your highly anticipated single and music video for "G2G." What inspired you to create a music video about facing negativity head-on and walking away victorious?

Thanks for taking the time to chat with me again. Always a pleasure! I wanted to think outside of the box with the entire music video concept for “G2G.” Although the song holds a direct message towards saying ‘Bounce. Peace,’ to anything that no longer serves you, I wanted to play into the metaphor of it all. It really does feel that at times this fight with negative energy can be physically, emotionally, and mentally draining, however, more people can relate to the physical aspect as it's one that tends to be felt more coherently across the board. This is a direct representation of what my experiences look like, and how by saying “G2G,” I choose to defeat them. Who produced the woozy and bouncy sonics for "G2G?" What sort of vibe did you want the song's production to offer?

I was able to collaborate with Quest from Dreamland Studios in order to bring the sonic vision I had to life. I had an idea of what I wanted in terms of the ambiance, and once I heard the final product, I didn’t want to hold back in terms of the theme and my lyrical abilities. Who helped you out on set for the "G2G" music video? How did your team help bring the video and your ideas to life?

I’m so grateful to have had Quest handle the filming, Flee Normality handle the behind the scenes photography/videography, Dominique Gorley and Hevve as the main assistants on set, and J Morris as the man behind the mask that I can be seen sparing in the “G2G” music video. With an extremely specific vision in mind, they were so amazing at understanding what I wanted to be accomplished. They were all so quick to rise to the occasion of being as hands-on as possible, and I couldn’t do it without them. Having them there cheering me on and believing in my every move I made was the icing on the cake. What impact do you hope to make on the viewer after watching your "G2G" music video?

I truly hope that this acts as a reminder to those out there who say, although saying goodbye can be one of the hardest acts to commit yourself to, it’s actually masked as a major sign of strength. Nobody should have to live with negative energy dwelling over them, and even though at times it can be more difficult to just rid yourself of that, staying true to yourself and knowing that you have that strength within you is where it all begins. How does the music video for "G2G" represent you and your artistic brand? Do you usually create such powerful and motivational songs/videos to excite and inspire your audience?

I’m always one to stand up for what I believe in and show the negativity around me the exit sign. It can be extremely difficult in the music industry to always keep the clarity in the headspace you take moving forward when there are plenty of people trying to tear you down. “G2G” speaks into everything that I advocate for in order to keep the negativity at bay and live a lifestyle that is embellished with comfort and positivity. My main goal with my artistry is to inspire at least one person with the words that I write, or visuals that I showcase, however that may be. Being able to release these pieces of strength into the universe is something that I pride myself on, and hope that it can transpire to those in need. That won’t ever change. What's next for you?

Moving forward I have plenty of hidden gems in the works. It’s merely a matter of releasing everything in due time. You can look forward to hearing a softer side of my artistry near the end of 2021 and early 2022 with certain collaboration and solo projects I have in the works. I can’t say too much about what’s to come, but I’m eager to release a more vulnerable and intimate side of my skill set in Hip-hop/R&B. While I plan out each move, I’m keeping my entrepreneurial side rather busy with the Ottawa music scene, and helping to showcase other artists so their voices get heard. I can’t wait for what the future holds, so be on the lookout for everything Mischa, as I keep you all posted on my social media.

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