Modern Alt-Rock Band The Dead Licks Release "New Era"

The Dead Licks is a contemporary/modern alt-rock band consisting of members Jack Grbac (guitar), Tom Inzinga (guitar, vocals), Jimmy Gallagher (drums) and Johnny McNamara (bass). The band recently released their album "Stay Away from the Aliens" in 2018, and are now releasing new singles! Their sound embodies true eclecticism in an alternative rock fashion. You're going to feel uplifted by their passion, and drawn to their dramatics. The overall programming of their music is what's phenomenal. The way the band is in total sync with one another definitely contributes to their ability to amplify and execute their sound. The Dead Licks recently released anticipated track "New Era", and we're receiving a variety of musical elements that completely elevate the sound of the band!

So we gave a listen to The Dead Licks recent single "New Era" and we're definitely feeling the atmosphere this track creates for the listener. With a more mature and rustic sound, The Dead Licks are able to blend striking guitar riffs with a calming vocal production. The curation of "New Era" was done with passion, and done methodically. The Dead Licks consistently produce music that is filled with authenticity and rawness. They're making you feel entranced by their melodies, and with an eclectic take on modern rock, we're fascinated with their musical stylings. Near the end of "New Era" we receive more heavy-hitting vocalism, which sets a more intense environment for the listener. We're completely engulfed in the vocals of the track, and mesmerized by the bands integration of skillful instrumentals. 

Listen to the contemporary stylings of modern rock band The Dead Licks here, and continue reading for our interview with the band!

Hello there The Dead Licks! We're excited to be featuring the bands latest track "New Era" on BuzzMusic! How did the creation of the track go? How do you guys typically surpass creative clashes?

Me and Tom were playing some Radiohead and he came up with the riff. We took it to the band and it became a cool melodic jam. We’re patient when it comes to writing music... we respect each other’s opinions and take it one day at a time.

"New Era" was a refreshing sound being contributed to the modern rock era. We're wondering what the initial vision of the track was, and where your inspiration was drawn for it?

We wanted to write something that would sound exciting because of its melody alone. We tried to stay away from a guitar solo and focused more on writing out a jam.

Who would you say has a large contribution to the development and sound of The Dead Licks music?

Radiohead, The Strokes, Wilco, Arctic Monkeys, Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, The Lumineers. We all write the songs. Any one of us may have an idea or song structure, but we like sitting in a room and writing it on the fly.

Where would you guys be most excited to perform venue-wise? Where was your best show held?

As far as Chicago goes, we’d love to play the Aragon and the Metro. Seeing shows there in the past made us realize how special those venues are. lollapalooza wouldn’t be too shabby

What's the goal for The Dead Licks? Where do each of you believe the band will be in 2 years from now?!

We want this to be our profession, but do not know how to make that happen. We will continue writing music and performing in shows until we gain recognition. Two years from now we hope to not be working our day jobs and focus more on the music.


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