Modern Rock Duo Kid Giant Has Our Attention With Their Latest Hit “The Lucky Ones”

California based British modern Rock duo Kid Giant is back with their latest empowering single “The Lucky Ones”. The duo compares to other groundbreaking UK acts like Coldplay, U2, and Oasis. Kid Giant consists of the musical works of Johnny Ashby and Carl Thomson, with powerful anthemic melodies and crisp instrumentation. The duo has landed their debut EP in the top 25 most streamed releases, the EP was also impressively recorded with producer Mikal Blue. Following up their last single titled “This Is Home” with the 1975’s John Waugh. “The Lucky Ones” is definitely a great track to follow up with.

The track begins with foot-stomping drum patterns and melodic electric guitar picking. Anticipating the low and captivating vocal stylings of Kid Giant, and thoroughly providing a soulful and energetic track. With a muffled microphone effect just until the chorus, perfectly bringing forward the grateful “We are the lucky ones” message. From the first minute to the last, there is never a dull moment as the supporting production incredibly backs up the complex instrumentation, perfectly capturing Kid Giant’s modern Rock sound. The duo takes personal stories and channels deep emotions into soulful and up-beat Rock, “The Lucky Ones” is a track to hear.

Listen to "The Lucky Ones" here.