Molly Parton Releases Headbanger “Redneck” in the Spirit of Festival Season

Molly Parton is a country girl through and through who is working with producer Rob “Rez” Resnick to release a new style of dance music. They have already released a debut EP called 'Welcome to Mollyville' which consists of Molly’s successful ode to the south called “California”. With her country background, she draws inspiration from DJ legends like Avicii to bring the passion and stories of country into the dance world. With her newest release “Redneck”, Molly is giving a new meaning to that word. She is taking her unique taste of country and dance flavors and sharing it with her fans.

For anyone sitting in quarantine and desperately missing the rave scene, or if you’ve been jumping on those TikTok shuffling trends – “Redneck” is your song. Molly Parton has a clear, vibrant voice that makes the melody catchy and alluring. The beat teases the listener as it continues to build and release, until ultimately ending up at a wicked base drop. After the base drop, Molly includes electronic vocal ad-libs comparable to the style of many of Galantis’ base drops. Lyrically, she floats around red objects like dresses and lips, she then mentions red heat and ends up building to the chorus “redneck.” Molly Parton’s “Redneck” is an ideal example of a colorful electronic dance song that will have you feeling young and fresh as you bop your head to the hard-hitting beat. Just because we’re sitting at home doesn’t mean we should miss out on those youthful festival feelings, so grab your speaker and your shuffling sneakers and hit play on Molly Parton’s single “Redneck”.

Listen to "Redneck" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Molly Parton! With your fresh flavors of country and dance, you are certainly making a footprint in the DJ world. Can you describe to us more about what “Redneck” stands for both lyrically and musically?

Thanks! Lyrically the song is about repurposing the word ‘Redneck’ to be a term of passion and love- something a girl would give her man to show other people that he’s taken. And musically I wanted to find a happy ground between huge bass and banjos, with of course a little vocal chop to keep you singing :) 

You have said that your main inspirations come from Avicii’s early music including “Wake Me Up” and “Hey Brother.” Can you elaborate on how your music is influenced by both country, and Avicii’s style?

Avicii was a genius.  His songs are emotionally compelling and incredibly melody-driven.  I’ve always loved his ability to keep dance music sounding organic.  I also come from a background of playing guitar, piano, drums.. and want to be able to put those sounds side by side with the dance elements, and of course, be able to tell stories with my songs. 

Your goals for the next year are to headline both Coachella and Stagecoach music festivals. How are you hoping to achieve these goals? Why are both of these festivals important for you?

We’re super excited for this whole quarantine thing to be over so we can start playing shows, of course.  I like a lot of the live stream stuff but nothing will ever replace the feeling of loud music, sweaty people, and overpriced drinks :) but yeah we’re looking for ways to differentiate this project in such a strange time - I’m sure we’ll do some live streams and that sort of thing but thinking outside the box is what we’re best at and I’m excited to see what I can do to innovate! 

You have a tour set up for the spring of 2020 called “Ain’t No Party Like a Molly Party.” Can you tell fans what they can expect from this tour?

Firstly way more music.  I have so many songs currently on a hard drive, its crazy. I want to get in more rooms with some of the country artists I love too - Sam Hunt, Dustin Lynch, Restless Road.. finally release this dope song I have with Kalie Shorr! And I want to learn to throw a lasso from a horse.  I’ve never thrown a lasso, and definitely never ridden a horse so that might be hard… maybe I’ll pull a Joe Excotic and run for president.