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Monnize Wolff Inspires Listeners to Breathe in Latest Single

Monnize Wolff is a singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist residing in Los Angeles, California.

Growing up in between two worlds, her family is tied to Bossa Nova music in Brazil and Pop culture in the United States.

Monnize Wolff’s finger-picking skills, deft arrangements, and songwriting abilities give listeners a lullaby wrapped in summertime fare. Writing from the point of view that focuses on moments in time, Monnize Wolff brings a perspective of vulnerability and incisive wit to her shared love tales of memory in slow motion.

Serenading her audience in the smoky vocalization she exudes, Monnize Wolff trickles into raw emotion in her most recent single, “Respira.” Translating the Portuguese title into the English language, respira translates to, breathe. The infectious grooves of this track expose your cognizance to a domain fueled by Monnize Wolff and the talents of the alluring band delivering a fortified foundation for her to cascade upon.

The heartfelt embrace of her vocals delves into intricate lyrics that hone in on delicate themes. Translating the striking Portuguese language into tones of acknowledgment, Monnize Wolff illustrates vibrant images regarding life and its prodigious and perplexing paths. Encouraging her listeners to take in the finer moments, find peace, and breathe, the prevailing quintessence of, “Respira,” is brought to life. The production quality remains top tier as Monnize Wolff recruits Multi-Platinum award-winning audio engineer, IRKO, to give “Respira” the sought after resonant warranted.

Through her irresistible charm and poignant messaging, Monnize Wolff influences her audience in an optimistic manner that comes off as easygoing. There is no stopping the dedication and hunger that come from within her alluring persona in the offerings of her intoxicating melodies and heavenly vocals.

Congratulations on the release of, “Respira.” You wrote this beautiful piece on the Pacific Coast Highway. What did the creative process look like in each of those places in order to bring the ambiance to life?

It's a pleasure, thank you for having me! I try to bring my guitar whenever I travel anywhere because you never know when inspiration will strike. It was a Saturday morning on my camping trip, and I was sitting with my guitar, overlooking the pacific ocean. There is something about the outdoors that brings us full circle with thoughts in our head that circle in there for quite some time. I found myself extremely content with how simple the scenario was; the birds were chirping, I could hear the waves crashing in the distance, and the sun was beaming up above. I started playing some chords and simply humming a melody. As I was humming, I realized how far I had come from relying on substances to ease any pain or depressions I was feeling, to try to numb the pain. I wrote that song as an acceptance of how life is overwhelming and confusing sometimes. Even though it can come to feel that way, the best thing we can do is find peace by breathing it all in and becoming present in the moment. So, I picked up my phone to start writing some lyrics. I kept parts of the humming, which later became the chorus. I crafted the melody simultaneously. My favorite lines in Respira are part of the bridge. Translated, I am wishing that the ocean would tell me secrets of the world and how I fit in it. That way, I would always swim. I think it''s a concept we all struggle with at many stages in our lives. We want to find purpose and meaning in what we do and make an impact during our time here.

What was it like collaborating with Multi-Platinum audio engineer, IRKO in order to release “Respira?"

IRKO is on a different level of brightness. After an hour of talking to him about my plans for an EP, we bounced ideas off of each other and I asked him if he knew any musicians that would fit the genre I'm going for. One week later, he already had a team together ready to get started! IRKO is timely, professional, friendly, and humble. Best of all, he is extremely talented in his craft. We completed the EP during a pandemic, on different sides of the world. I recorded guitar and voice in my closet and the drummer and bassist in their own homes abroad. Any little tweak I requested was fixed, it was completed promptly even though I knew he was busy building his next studio. Yet and still, IRKO brought it all together seamlessly and made my voice sound angelic. He is professional and friendly, with a sense of humor! Check out his Instagram @irkostudiobeat!

The drums were performed by Fabio Poian and the bass by Antonio Rebuf. Was this your first time collaborating with them on a musical piece? How did you connect?

This was my first time collaborating with Fabio and Antonio! Being new to Los Angeles, I asked IRKO if he knew any musicians that would be able to create a bossa nova feel to a pop song. He warned me that they didn't live in Los Angeles, but I didn't mind if they were the musicians to make the songs come to life! Antonio lives in the UK and Fabio lives in Italy. IRKO got us all on a call and I expressed that I wanted them to have their creative twist on my songs, wherever they saw fit. Fabio and Antonio then both worked with each other so that the drums and bass would flow together and bounce off of each other. These musicians are so talented and professional, all I could say was WOW and be grateful for turning my ideas into magic.

What has been the best piece of advice that you have been given through your artistic journey?

It's never going to be perfect, but your passion shines through your performance. Give the best you can, believe in yourself and your talents, and express what everyone wants to hear; your music.

What can we expect to see next?

The rest of Memória EP is coming out this year! The next song, Fast, will be out on March 5th! It's a fan favorite. There is a mix of Portuguese and English songs on Memória EP, so stay tuned! I hope my music connects with listeners on a deeper level and soothes their souls.

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