Morgan Melbourne Aims to Frighten With Her Latest Music; "Little Puppet, Dysphoria"

Morgan Melbourne is an intriguing artist, to say the least. If you remember her from last month, you'd recall that her music is fear-based. Morgan Melbourne focuses on synthesizing a sound that will fear listeners, and cause them to be uneasy. We've always been attracted to this aspect of Morgan Melbourne, and how different her artistic goals are compared to the majority of artists creating music today.

One of Morgan Melbourne's recent single releases, "Little Puppet, Dysphoria" can perfectly display the theme of music Morgan Melbourne chooses to be apart of. It's within "Little Puppet, Dysphoria" that Morgan Melbourne chooses to speak on the common battle people endure, and how masking one's fears are consistently occurring within society. The fearful persona of Morgan Melbourne stems from her desire, to be honest with listeners and to use certain production stylings in order to incite the very feeling it is we try to hide away from. Morgan Melbourne creates oxymorons with her music, and she never lightens up on giving listeners a quality performance. Listeners can expect a string of singles to be released from Morgan Melbourne, and we're excited to see what dark path her music continues to creep down.

Check out Morgan Melbourne and her music on Spotify, here.