Motiion Knows How to Get a Listener Hyped with His Trendy Single, “Go Figure”

Motiion is a versatile artist from all Boroughs of New York who knows how to deliver great energy and a stellar pact performance. His unique melodies will keep you tune in from all angles and sides with words that are true and pure because everyone goes through and sees things differently. We took a listen to his single titled “Go Figure” and this song was FIRE. this is the type of song you will need to have on your playlists for house parties and clubs. It’s the type of track that will get the crowd moving and you dancing to the beat without even realizing it. The production of the song was extremely wavy with a catchy hook and digestible melody this generation will flutter over. The entire arrangement of the song is meant for you to let loose, and have fun. This refreshing song breathes life into the listener, creating an exciting and exhilarating mood that could potentially become the highlight of your day.

“Go Figure” was so catchy enough for repeated listens and constant replays due to the extremely witty wordplay in the lyricism. Motiion wasn’t lying when he said he knows exactly how to deliver the energy, because this song takes you on a complete 180 from dull to lively. “Go Figure” is a song I can undeniably hear on the radio. It’s perfectly fitting into the market of mainstream music that’s out right now. Motiion can be the next big thing if he continues to make music that’s hyping up the listener the way he just amplified us! He’s most definitely an artist to be on the lookout for.

You can listen to this extravagant hit “Go Figure” here!