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Motorbike James Takes Us On An Indie Trip With His Latest Single, “TRUCK”

Motorbike James excels in his lane as he combines the most distinctive sounds and melodies to bring us the most catchy song, "TRUCK."

Alias of Michael Werbicki, Motorbike James, a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and producer from Edmonton, Canada, is a conscious writer that speaks about pure emotion and experiences.

Motorbike James uniquely shows what they can offer in his music for the people. He combines elements of electronic, indie rock, and r&b to bring us a new, fresh sound ready for the world to hear! Motorbike James doesn't shy away from emotion as it comes out in all sides of his life, chasing adrenaline highs, riding motorbikes, exploring the world, and most of all, through music.

"TRUCKS" and its guitar riffs with the twist in production elements have a considerable flair. Motorbike James sings how he'll "Go for a ride" and sings it with eagerness.

Motorbike James introduces us to "TRUCKS" with strong vocals and an instrumental that matches it perfectly. He creates a vibe and allows the beat to breathe so listeners have time to think about what they want, like painting a picture with words. He crafts his creative ideas well enough to portray a world we are bound to fall in love with!

As we continue, Motorbike James layers up a perfect vocal concoction, adding soothing texture to match the warm guitar tones. In many parts of this epic track, he leaves the production to take you further and add to that escapism feeling that the vibe of this record presents. "I'll take you for a ride, we'll go for a ride," truly depicts the slow drive - "Anywhere you wanna be." "TRUCKS" is the perfect track for the moments that you feel are the freest.

Hop in the ride as we allow Motorbike James to take us somewhere special with "TRUCKS," available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Motorbike Jame. We are in love with your new addictive and catchy release, "TRUCKS." The structure of this record is super unique and authentic. Please explain to us a bit about what makes this record unique to your previous releases. The tunes on the last album were under a conceptual umbrella, they worked together to paint a visual and tell a story. I’m being more noncommital with these new tunes, just really having fun making music.

When creating "TRUCKS," which part of the record sparked first and initially brought the song concept to life? It started as just a little jammy idea that I didn’t really plan to develop. I started on a random scratch vocal, and it was, “get in my truck, let’s go for a ride. I’ll take you for a ride”. With the vocal, it picked up a vibe, and I just rolled with it.

What do you hope the listener realizes or considers after experiencing "TRUCKS?" I think for the listener, this song should just be kind of a road song. A driving song, heading out on an adventure kinda song. I just wanted to drop something for the summer soundtracks.

Motorbike James, what does "TRUCKS" mean to you? How can listeners understand you through this single?

It’s really just an invitation to join in the good times. Anyone who has actually got in my truck and gone for a ride can attest that it’s typically a fun adventure of some kind. I’m an enthusiast when it comes to all things motorized… between my truck, car, and motorbikes; I’m always rolling around in some sort of freedom machine. The tune is just a call to get on board with the music, the vibe, and the ride.

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