Moving In Slow Delivers a Relaxed & Methodical Performance With Single "Pink Shirt"

Hailing from South Florida is musician Laurent Chavannes, who cultivated the artist name Moving In Slow. As an artist who first began creating his music in one direction, Moving In Slow has demonstrated his ability to completely transform his sound into something more low-key. Moving In Slow delivers what seems to be alternative/indie interpretations, which allows his music to become more diversified. Moving In Slow isn't adhering to any specific genre, rather he exploits a multitude of genres within his sound to cultivate a sound that is more varied and distinct from others.

Moving In Slow has debuted his track titled "Pink Shirt", and the indie influences integrated within his sound adds a very light and reflective component to his music. The track's use of psychedelic synths is what makes this track extremely easy to listen along to and resonate with, from our perspective. "Pink Shirt" feels like one of those songs you can expect to be playing in a film where the character is undergoing a state of transformation and growth. That says a lot, because when we listen to "Pink Shirt", we feel as if we can conquer anything ourselves, and it gives time for that introspective evaluation. The vocals themselves are very soft and airy, bringing a type of wave that feels very honest and real. Moving In Slow has that general feature to his music--authentic and simple expressions executed in a way that feels pleasantly inspirational. Hopefully, the future for Moving In Slow remains consistent with what his music is like now because we can honestly always use his creative style in our daily playlists.

Listen to Moving In Slow's "Pink Shirt" here.

Hey there, Moving In Slow! Welcome to BuzzMusic. As an artist who has recently switched gears on the way you're creating your sound, how does the transition process challenge you personally as an artist?

Hey BuzzMusic, thank you for having me! It really is a pleasure! Changing my sound has been a very insightful and fun challenge because I’m able to hear music in a way that I haven’t heard it before. It’s been able to let me see things from a different perspective, which leads to me taking influence from more artists/genres and I believe that it has helped me diversify my sound in a progressive manner.

We've recently seen the release of "Pink Shirt" which hones in on a more varied performance on your end. When you were creating this track, did you feel it was an obstacle navigating through the use of many varied genres?

It wasn’t much of an obstacle because for this song specifically, the creative juices kept flowing, which was fun because right after I came up with a new idea something else came to me relatively fast. The metaphorical lightbulb kept turning on for this song so it was a really great writing experience to see how much I can incorporate into my songs.

Let's talk a bit about your lyricism. During your transition from the Punk/Emo music scene to a more varied and diversified genre integration, did you find you had to change the way you formed your lyrics and the actual content of your songs? 

I’ve always been a fan of honest lyrics that are to the point because I feel they are able to resonate with people in a special way. So during this transition, I decided that while the music would undergo some changes, I want to keep the same lyrical content to add a certain juxtaposition within the music and to stay true to my roots as a lyricist. The best thing about writing lyrics for me is that they are a reflection on how I’m feeling and how I view things, so they get to evolve with me.

As some parting words, what would your advice be to an artist who is attempting to transition from one genre to another?

Stay open-minded! Try to take influence from different places and make it different by adding your own twist on it. When writing something new, instead of thinking “What do I usually do?” try to think “What do I usually NOT do?”. Being open to new things will open up so many new doors in someone’s creative process.

What can we expect to see from Moving In Slow throughout 2020?

More music is the main goal! Along with that, I plan on working on my visual aesthetic that can help bring additional flavors to my musical aesthetic (whatever that might be). The visual aspect in music is so important and something that I’ve always wanted to have a better grasp on so along with new music, there will be more experimentation with visuals, whether it be pictures, videos, logos, or fashion choices while performing.