Mr Ruben Gives an Exclusive Look Into His Album “It's Fine Vol.1”

Welcome to BuzzMusic Mr Ruben! Knowing you have a seasoned background with various instrumentation, in what ways has your past experience impacted your musicality and artistry today?

I say my stories. Lately, I’ve been able to make music about different stories and scenarios I’ve been in.  Being able to paint a picture with my sound is always a joy.

Considering music initially started out as a hobby for you, when did you feel like you wanted to pursue this as a career path? What influenced you?

Nothing too specific.  But being able to bring enjoyment and entertainment to people’s lives always inspires me to keep making more content and to try new ways to relate and express my talents.

Tell us about your album “It's fine vol.1”, What was the major theme behind most of these songs and what inspired this? 

I guess you can say women and overall relationships is the driving force behind the album. A little bit of emotion and fun is also thrown in there. Real ness and versatility also.

What was the most challenging aspect for you when arranging most of these songs on this album? Would it be the songwriting process or the actual production of them and why?

I say the writing. Most of the songs I wrote took me a few weeks to complete. But also my writing process on this album was a lil different. I would make myself listen to the beat/instrumental every chance I had for those few weeks until I had the perfect verses and chorus for the song. I wouldn’t record until I was content with the material.

Thanks for sharing Mr Ruben! Can you hint to us what we can be expecting next from you in the future?

A lot of promoting and advertising on my music. Still working on my YOUTUBE show “Kiss the cook” and also have a new project I’m working on with Beloved Shirts and #swishermusic. Thank you.

Listen to “It's fine Vol.1” here.