MS866 Delivers Party Track Of The Year “Corenight (VIP Mix)”

Markel Smith, better known for his professional name MS866, was born and raised in Raleigh, NC where folk, country, and rap music is most abundant. As a lover of music, Markel wanted to step outside of the aesthetic and show the world that it's not just folk, country or rap coming from Raleigh. Producing trap music for five years, MS866 is now specializing his craft with Hard Dance, an EDM Genre. 

MS866’s “Corenight” (VIP Mix) brings through a gorgeously high energy dance vibe. Fusing the warmth of EDM synths with a positivity, the soundscape of escapism lights up the room with ease. MS866’s way with sound design and composition is quickly effective, this track is hard-hitting and showcases a passionate and simultaneously professional approach to music production. There’s a touch of nostalgia to the style, “Corenight” (VIP Mix) is a notably timeless sort of track. It works as well now as it would have 10-20 years ago and indeed as it will in 10-20 more years. There are as many crisp and clean elements as there are those that link back to the dawn of the genre. MS866 has built a recognizable sound for himself and makes sure there’s enough about this song to grab your attention from afar. Absolutely worth a listen and I look forward to a longer playlist from MS866!

Check out “Corenight” (VIP Mix) here and read more with MS866 below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic MS866! What do you hope your listeners take away from “Corenight (VIP Mix)”?

I hope that my music will be able to make a lot of people dance in a wild form. Where no rules apply and EDM can be represented in its wildest state. I also hope my music will be discovered and I will be the icon of EDM in North Carolina, or at least in Raleigh.

How do you go about crafting a five-minute plus instrumental? What are the main qualities you try to capture?

I make mixes mainly by crafting most sounds made with Sawtooth and square waveforms, and has been reinforced with a hard kicking bass drum to incorporate dance.

Tell us a bit about what your live show is like! Where would be your dream venue to perform? 

I have yet to do any shows since I am more focused on creating content and pushing it out there through the internet. After which and I feel that I am ready, I will be doing live shows. For a dream venue, I prefer for now Red Hat Amphitheater. But that's just for now.

What have been the main changes you’ve noticed in the music industry within the time you’ve been making music?

The main changes I've noticed in the music industry is what is promotion tactics, and the costs to do so. Those costs and tactics require time, patience, and dedication. Because competition is tough and you have to make yourself very valuable and different among other producers and artists.

What’s your creation process like?

My creation process includes many hours of just being outside for inspiration. You'd be surprised at what could actually come to mind when you're doing absolutely nothing but listening to the sounds of what's around you. Once I would have the idea, I would go through the process of opening up my DAW and creating the sounds first. Then aligning the drum machine so I can have all of that along with a lot more creativity.

What’s next for you?

My next step is learning how to DJ. Mixing my tracks for a live show is what I feel would help benefit me for a great future. As well as making connections in Raleigh, NC and establishing an online presence.


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