Multi-Instrumentalist Alex Ayling Showcases Ability Throughout “Kronos”

Hailing from London, UK, is the multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist Alex Ayling. A completely independent artist, almost all of the instruments throughout Alex’s work are performed by Alex himself. He has two EP’s titled “Head Doodle” and “Ear Noodle” and just released his new single “Kronos”. In a world overflowing each day with independent and even mainstream music that is brand new, it’s notable that the presence of creative freedom and the sound of limitless artistry within music is all too often left out of the equation. With Alex Ayling’s music, audiences can rely upon his somewhat visionary approach to audio to bring the songs that surprise, satisfy, intrigue, and entertain with a unique style.

There’s a certain manic energy to the sound that emerges as “Kronos” progresses, among the brilliant instrumentals there is a beautiful melody, a distinct leading voice, and a memorable hook that implants its idea in your mind after just a single appearance. The gentle nature of the introduction in “Kronos” makes for a powerful contrast with what follows. It sets an emotional tone that is swiftly blown out of the water and reinvented almost entirely, all the while sweeping you off of your feet. Alex Ayling’s “Kronos” is a refreshing sound of songwriting that is free from societal standards, that showcases creative freedom, and is skillfully composed and thoughtfully structured. Listen to “Kronos” from Alex Ayling here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic Alex Ayling! You have such a unique tone to your original music! How long have you been making music? How have you honed your style over time? 

Thanks for the compliment! I've been making music since I was 12/13. The first band I was in rehearsed in a friend's garage within a cul-de-sac over the weekends and we caused a wealth of noise complaints as we'd annoy all the neighbours! Over time I was in more and more groups performing in different styles like alt-rock and jazz fusion, I also started composing for film, games, and theatre, and more contemporary classical stuff and then... here we are! I'm still doing everything all at once, so I guess any 'originality' just comes out of an eclectic (or just greedy) palette.

What inspired you to first begin making music and releasing it to the public? 

An intense need to be loved, admired and ultimately validated by complete strangers. No, not really. It was a mix of things! I've always loved singer-songwriters and working by myself a lot, arranging for jazz ensembles, scoring for orchestras and writing for bands basically taught me how to do more myself. It was a natural progression into doing my own stuff where I play all the instruments and write lyrics etc. Releasing the noise was just a next step to get it out there instead of leaving it to hide on a laptop making cobwebs and dust.

Who has had the biggest influence on your life musically thus far? Can you describe the impact this particular individual has had in terms of your new song “Kronos”?

Jeez. I don't know. Miles Davis? Jeff Buckley? Stravinsky? Willow Smith? Tell you what, I'll natter about an odd one because she was far more interesting than I'll ever be: Leonora Carrington. She was a surrealist artist and writer, British but living in Mexico for the majority of her life. She was born a wealthy debutante, had an intense love affair with Max Ernst, and would sometimes unexpectedly strip and stand naked in social gatherings. Once in a restaurant, she covered her bare feet with mustard. If you slept over her house, breakfast in the morning would be an omelet cooked with cuttings of your hair she'd snipped in the night. Her Grandmother even saved her from an asylum in Madrid, arriving to free her in a submarine. Her art is mystical and full of magical animal-like beings. Her stories are about scheming idiots and aggressive cabbages. I guess she's taught me: Fuck it. Be yourself. She also talks about in an interview the fact that artistic talent isn't hereditary, being born 'with it' is utter nonsense - you have to work at it. This isn't talked about enough either. 

What are some of your ultimate goals as an artist? Are any of these goals currently being put into place/being worked on?

A billion dollars! My face on everything everywhere! Godhood!  I mean, I don't know. Who knows? Do I really have a say in any of this? The music industry, or just the arts in general, is so huge and crowded - especially nowadays. Earning a living out of this would be a dream, but really I'm just happy doing it for the sake of doing it. I see so many talented people get down over goals and not getting enough attention, they forget that their life is worth more than the eyes they want staring at them. Obviously an artist wants an audience, but they shouldn't need them. If people like my stuff, great. If not, as I said - we're living in crowded times... there's plenty of other stuff out there for them. 

It was great having you here on BuzzMusic! Tell us more about what's next for you after this song release? Any shows in the near future?

It's great being here! What's next? I'm not sure... I'm just carrying on with things as normal. There are always cups of tea to drink and always more music to write. I'm currently working on a score for a short Horror film and a pitch for a WW2 video game. I'm still composing new songs and looking to begin recording before Christmas. Some gigs here and there coming up in London, but how about LA? I'd certainly like to do some gigs there... (a lot more sun down there I hear...).