Multi-Talented Rapper M3 Magic Drops “About You” With Swavey Antisocial

A “living inspiration” are just a few ways that would describe M3 Magic. He’s not what the world wants him to be, he’s indeed what he’s supposed to be in the eyes of men: a protector, a mentor, a guideline, an influence. The time on this earth that he spends as well as his name has meaning; Magnificent, Accountable, Gentleman, Isolated, Citizen defines the name that will all soon know as “Magic”. When he was orphaned at age 16, urban rap artist M3 Magic was left to raise his younger two siblings on his own in one of L.A.’s crime-pocked neighborhoods. He has leaped over financial hurdles by performing effective songs that bring listeners into the focused mind of a determined young man forced to grow up too soon. Now living in Long Beach and headlining sold-out shows throughout Los Angeles, M3 Magic continues to rise as he spreads gritty tidings of love, faith, and hope in his quest to beat the odds. 

M3 Magic’s newest single “About You” is a melodic banger! The lyrics focus on a one-sided relationship with the main hook-line being “If it’s all about you, then it’s ever gon’ work”. Contrast rules here, those melodic moments are hypnotic, you walk away humming that tune, and the consistent groove of the track offers an equally lingering effect. In between these moments, the hard-hitting bars take you through hip hop vibes, utilizing a few key elements for simplicity, yet still managing to stay true to that M3 Magic sound. M3 Magic knows how to write something that sticks with you. “About You” is catchy, infectious and the perfect track to get us through the end of 2019. Stay on the lookout for more from M3 Magic. 

Check out “About You” here and read more with M3 Magic below! 


Hey M3 Magic! Loving the new release! What was the general reaction you were hoping for from listeners?

“I was ultimately expecting that the listeners recognize and realize the realism and lyrical content I’m creating”

What’s your writing process like?

“Sometimes my writing process can be at random I can be watching a movie, taking a shower, or talking about nothing and a concept will appear in mine and harder to write without the production on hand. The times that I do have production on hand the inspiration comes naturally I just know what direction to go with the song as if I here every word before it’s spoken it’s a exciting feeling. But I always not matter what try to keep a lyrical feel as well as speaking the unspoken saying something you never herd before.

If you could play any venue or event in the world, which would it be, and why?

“I would love to perform at time square New Year’s Eve because ima artists that has something to say every time I speak and would love to have that moment a moment when everyone is watch to tune in and  receive my words of wisdom throughout my music”

Where do you imagine the best setting is to experience your track “About You”? 

“The song is so universal that the setting can’t be depicted. When I here this song I see movie, commercial, sad moments, rejoicing moments this speaks from a view point that’s crosses every ones mind”

What’s next for you – what do you have planned creatively throughout the rest of 2019?

“Next for me with be to drop my second body of work title “3 Glasses” witch represents the ups and down and the results or the two in my career. Planing a high school tour. Also Hopefully link up with a few of my rap Idols Eminem, Kxng Crooked, J Cole, And kendrick Lamar And put in some work!


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