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Multinational Singer-Songwriter TerraTara Uses Her Versatility of Sounds to Empower Her Harmonies

TerraTara is a Multinational Singer-Songwriter who uses her versatility of sounds to empower her harmonies. Her versatility appears through her written vocal flairs and gifted musical ability in a variety of instruments.

Due to a tragic event that led to her timely break from the music industry, TerraTara has been able to come back stronger releasing her new encouraging and charismatic single "Ain't Gonna Let Them."

Her nonconforming and rebellious expressions are exhibited in this piece as she ignites her inner passion and delivers a powerful message. She notes the organic nature within herself that sets her apart from other artists as she continues to make an immense impact through her music to empower this society.

The grace and flair TerraTara brings to "Ain't Gonna Let Them" sends a polished and graceful yet dominating message to listeners and encourages them to stand out in their way and be themselves.

TerraTara has had an incredible year of releasing 'Ain't Gonna Let Them," and we can't wait to see what's next as we enter a new year.

You can discover more about TerraTara here.


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