Making an Impactful Return, TerraTara Sends a Message on "Ain't Gonna Let Them"

TerraTara reigns as half-Italian, half-Irish, North American Singer and Songwriter. On top of her vocal and written flairs, she is a multi-talented musician gifted with playing the mandolin, guitar, piano, and various types of percussion.

Her artistic versatility ranges from traditional Eastern European sounds to a Middle Eastern essence, all the way to Americana Folk music.

After a tragic event led her to take a hiatus from the music industry, TerraTara returns with more motivation than ever. The first single she is eager to share with the world since her reappearance is the charismatic “Ain’t Gonna Let Them.” Accompanied by striking visuals, TerraTara shows that she is here to stay.

The worldly influences that TerraTara allows to speak into her music shine bright in the performance of “Ain’t Gonna Let Them.” The minimalistic grace of the instrumentation resonates on its own wavelength as it graces your thoughts with ease.

Fueling this record with empowering harmonies and a robust vocalization, TerraTara dominates in all aspects of this traditional and buoyant showcase. As she expresses her rebellion against the ones encouraging her to conform, she puts her foot down in this powerful delivery of the message she sends out.

The simplicity of the music video remains rather elegant as TerraTara can be seen playing the mandolin in the middle of a path surrounded by greenery amongst a fielded area. The longer angled shots zoom in and out on the artist as the camera follows TerraTara exhibiting her polished essence.

Catering to a diverse audience as she ignites the burning passion within her, TerraTara proves to be making a colossal impact on society as we know it. Carefully placing her talents on a podium, the pep in her step coincides with the organic nature in which she has her listeners flocking towards her.

Hello TerraTara, Congratulations on the release of “Ain’t Gonna Let Them,” and welcome to BuzzMusic. We love how your multi-talented skillset is placed on display in this record. How did the inspiration for “Ain’t Gonna Let Them,” come to you?

The inspiration came to me from the convoluted lies on mainstream media. How they bombard with you information that is unnecessary. And they create storylines that are meant to shape your mind and control your actions in a certain way that you might not realize. And it's only by not tuning in, can you stop it from poisoning you.

Let’s talk about the graceful execution of the music video. Was that always the vision for this record?

Rails to Trails, in Slocan BC., is an old railway along the Slocan Valley river. The location represents the ancient transformed, the overgrown past, the antiquity of 20th-century technology. It's prophetic of the future and mirrors what has yet to become. Walking forward is the only way to overcome taking charge of your life.

After your hiatus, it must have been a while until you were back in the studio. Could you please take us into what the recording session was like when creating this song? How does it feel to be back?

It was as natural as ever going back into the music studio. Taking a hiatus was from playing professionally. I never stopped playing music. I just shifted how and where I played, focusing more on ceremony style playing these last few years. However, I plan on releasing 30 more songs in the near future.

What would you like your listeners to take away from the melodies that you create?

This song is less melodic and more piercing. It's more about the lyrics getting heard and coming through and the rebel energy surrounding it. I made the mandolin melodic to balance the straightness of the melody line. I hope that people are inspired by it, in whatever form.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout the challenging year of 2020?

Resistance keeps me inspired in 2020. Be careful with what you accept. You might build a reality around you that is the opposite of inspiration and freedom.