Music Monday: Saf Man & Soriya Releases New Song “100 Dollar Bill’s”

The moment you hear “100 Dollar Bill’s” by Saf Man & Soriya you will instantly become motivated to get your money! Together both of these unpredictable artists released a listenable and midtempo hit that will leave a lasting impression on you! “100 Dollar Bill’s” had eccentric lyricism with witty catchphrases and metaphors that can be used as great captions and quotes! The delivery in “100 Dollar Bill’s” was enigmatic and entertaining. We loved how “100 Dollar Bill’s” gave diverse transitions from not only rap but singing as well! With soulful vocal adlibs, “100 Dollar Bills” had a well-executed rap flow that struck its listener with each tough verse. Soriya’s mythical tone and lush melodies were a mesmerizing addition to the single.

“100 Dollar Bill’s” was visionary. This single was able to paint vivid images in our head due to the descriptive lyrics and satisfying vibe. Saf Man & Soriya overwhelms you with a nice fusion of both bliss and bold! The soothing vocal resonance from Soriya was a feel-good moment for “100 Dollar Bill’s” while Saf Man’s finely-calibrated soulful melodies helped give “100 Dollar Bill’s” a nice groove. The energy that was built within “100 Dollar Bill’s” radiated onto the listener, giving you a contagious single that breathes life into a dull moment.

Listen to “100 Dollar Bill’s” by Saf Man & Soriya here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Saf Man & Soriya! What’s the story behind the both of you?

Saf Man is my brother and he has been in music since elementary school and just last year we've been in the studio a lot and I was messing around with the mics and everyone was saying I have a good voice and should sing and that's how Soriya started.

You both have some huge accomplishments, congrats! How has growing up in the Canadian music industry help shape your musical careers? 

Thanks! Well working in the Canadian music industry at T DOTS RECORDS with a number of local Canadian musicians has help us shape our musical careers greatly because of the diverse music and verity of genres it inspires us to create our unique music

We really enjoyed your single “100 Dollar Bill's”. How would you describe your creative process behind this record?

During the process of making the song "100 Dollar Bill's" we were being creative in the studio with an old friend we grew up with and we were playing around with words and lyrics and we came up with 100 dollar bills

What inspired you to write '100 Dollar Bill's' together? Do you draw any musical inspiration from any other artists?

Our inspiration for 100 Dollar Bill's was just at the moment, we heard the beat and it all just came together.

What are you looking forward to the most out of this year in 2020? What can we expect to see from you both?

We are looking forward to creating lots of new music for all our fans.

You can expect to see new music coming throughout the year. 4 albums coming Soriya's first solo album (Twin Flames) in November Saf Man and Soriya joint Album (a Night in L.A.) now out in January Saf Man's solo album (Wake me up when I'm famous) in June Saf Man's album (power) in March