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Music Video Premiere: Aggie Debuts A Powerful Message To Women In Her New Video "I Might"

May10, 2019 - LOS ANGELES - Independent singer-songwriter Aggie started her career at the age 18 and went to pursue her dream of pursuing music after graduating. By the beginning of 2018, Aggie released her first album, “Soul Center” and impressively within the same year, she teamed up with a new producer which led to her writing “I Might”. Today, we're proud to present Aggie's brand new music video for "I Might", a powerful message to women in music.

The music video for "I Might" will get you feeling all sorts of ways! It's one of those videos that make you want to put your hair down after a long day and let loose without worrying about what anyone else thinks. Think of yourself driving down the PCH with the wind in your hair, the suns shining, and you just can't get the beat of the song or the visuals from the video out of your head. It's riveting in the best ways possible. A total confidence booster.

“I Might” is an upbeat indie techno pop track that will bring up the mood for any occasion. The music video shows Aggie at a photo shoot, modelling in different artist personas as she displays a reoccurring theme in the video of “I can play my best role”. The production of the video is beautifully done with vivid colors and lights that will star struck you on impact. You can expect to see a lot of symbolism throughout the video from start to finish. Aggie is seen in some casual clothing until she is hustled into a photoshoot for more to come. Her first shirt says, “I don’t care”, which ultimately leads to the various shots of her in her different personas. By the end of the music video, we see the photographers arguing with her walking off the set. That "I don't care" attitude is the type of spunk we're talking about people!

As a woman and an artist entering the music industry I am in certain ways expected to fit in, there are certain stereotypes of an image that sells that comes to mind when thinking about woman in todays music world, I want to stand out by being myself. No matter if the weird me sells or not... I refuse to put my music and myself in a ready-to-sell-pretty-pack. I want to be real,  tell real stories and leave people thinking... thats my purpose. - Aggie

Aggie displays all the right things that an artist must do as they develop themselves and start to gain fame and attention in the music industry, which is staying true to who you are. It's great to see such a talented artist bring forth that "I don't care" attitude. It's the exact type of refresh the industry needs, especially for women in music. Bravo Aggie!

Check out the full video below!

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