Music Video Premiere: Cheekbone Display Their Emotions in New Music Video for "Window"

The United Kingdom has given us some of the most iconic bands, from The Rolling Stones and The Beatles to Oasis and Franz Ferdinand. Today, we have a band who has taken influence from all of the above and gave us their take. Cheekbone has given us their music video for their new single "Window."

The song and video start with simple intros, with simple guitar melodies and performance video shots before the band lights up the room with their music. As the music video progresses, you start to notice a theme of a love story, perhaps that has gone wrong. As the performance video progresses, so does the storyline as you notice shots of a guy and a girl driving around and the girl looking upset. The vocal performance is reminiscent of Liam Gallagher in the album ‘What’s The Story, Morning Glory?’, mainly in the way the vocals are drowned out and you can see the influence in his visual delivery. The video ends on a high note from the band, closing out their stellar performance. It’s the vibe, which is executed perfectly by the band. We can't wait to see Cheekbone rock the stage and perform "Window" live. All and all, a great song and music video that we suggest you check out!

Stream the video for "Window" by Cheekbone today!