MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE: Dree Mon Releases New Visuals For Hit Single “When It Goes Down”

Dree Mon is a talented, Los Angeles-based pop artist and incredible vocalist. She has been previously described as "the sardonic love child between David Bowie and Wonder Woman from the valley," and since her debut in 2017, she hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. Her dance-pop crossover songs spread a high energy positivity that impossible not to enjoy. Dree Mon has performed as a variety of venues including The Satellite, The Hotel Cafe, The Love Song Bar, Bar Lubitsch, the Viper Room, & many venues in San Diego where she frequents for solo gigs every month. Her notably imaginative music videos have garnered Dree Mon nothing but success.

Dree Mon’s brand new music video for “When It Goes Down” is out now and features Dree Mon in an outdoor landscape. This song "When It Goes Down," promotes the sentiment of not having to conform to heteronormative societal rolls and pursuing your career long-term, while still getting to have it all. The music video displays a quirky twist on the emotional turmoil that comes with being with someone who doesn't necessarily accept who you are, but the lyrics tell a story of wanting that person to stay, despite the differences. I love the simplicity of the music video because it’s outdoors, It’s raw and inspiring and showcases Dree Mon’s true self to build stronger connections with her fans. A fantastic song, thoughtfully arranged, lyrically fascinating and refreshingly original and honest. It also confidently brings back that authentic pop sound with the energy and the freely expressive set-up.

Check out “When It Goes Downhere and check out our interview with Dree Mon below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Dree Mon! We love hearing about how artists originally got started! What inspired you to first begin recording and releasing your music?

Thank you for having me! Well I first started releasing music in 2012 under a different project name and it all came about from one thing leading to another. I was inspired by all the singers I used to dance for from indie artists like myself to bigger names like Cee Lo. I always loved singing and I already wrote songs out of pure cathartic need so I had the desire but I was clueless about how it all worked. Sometimes I still feel that way, for real!. :) Luck had it, I went to the party of a good friend and met a music producer whom I found myself telling, I was this bonified, legit songwriter. Even tho my songs had only been heard by my stuffed animals, he and I started working together after that... and things kept going from there! 

Your song “When It Goes Down” is so catchy! Tell us about the sentiments behind the lyrics. What the significance of the title with the main theme of the song?

I love dance music, pop, funk and I adore music from the 70s, 80s and 90s, so that means a lot to get that catchy stamp from you! This is actually a more vulnerable release than I’ve put out with Dree Mon, danceable as it is, I was on the brink of some rough waters with a relationship and my co-writer was too. The balance between relationships and the unrelenting, unforgiving persuit of a dream is no joke. Especially when life starts pulling you in two different directions. It was important to highlight that sometimes we want people to be there for us so badly - we might not realize that we aren’t what they need. And vice versa. I also think it’s especially tough for women in this industry because at a certain age people start to wonder when are you going “let it go” “settle down,” the works..... and that’s really not being supportive of someone IMO. We can and should have careers and whatever else we want. It’s still a bit of a stigma. “When It Goes Down” the main lyric just asks who is gonna be there for you when shit hits the fan? When it’s right, Love and support need not be conditional. 

The new music video had us captivated start to finish! It’s so fun yet holds a heavier meaning behind it. What was the overall concept and vision you had for this video? 

Building on what I mentioned above, I wanted to show the complexity and kinda schizophrenic reality of the mind when you have so many conflicting feelings and you feel like everyone wants a piece of you but you can’t even give enough to yourself. My videos usually portray me as a badass boss bitch, or something like that, free, sassy, gritty and goofy all at once. But sometimes you are also just too human,  which can mean confused, yearning, a people pleaser, docile, stifled... to break free from our chains we must first recognize that they exist. I had fun playing in boxes you normally don’t see my artist self in, but that I have been in, and I hope people can relate.  We deserve to do what we love and celebrate who we are and be surrounded by people who promote that sentiment! 

Do you feel that your music is an accurate depiction of who you are as an artist? Do you feel ultimately connected to your listeners through your music?  

I feel like this song was a bit more personal and it was a continued evolution for me as all my singles have been since my first “Rebel Soul” which came out in 2017. I am continuing to explore, and play, but the theme is always low key rejoicing in your individuality while sonically drawing from some throwback element. You could be a rebel, a hidden artist, a “freak” (I used to get called weirdo a lot ... yeah I know...), or a beauty queen and still all want the same things deep down. But mainly my audience loves to dance- so we all have that in common too. :) 

It was such a pleasure to have you and we can’t wait to hear more! Do you have plans to release a longer project? What are you working on going forward?

The pleasure is all mine! Truth, I just came back from having vocal surgery, which could be a whole other interview! I truly learned so much. And I have to give a quick shout out to everyone who has been super supportive during my time off. But now, I’m getting back to gigs and recording and toying with the idea of an EP pretty hard. It could be a great way to cement whatever micro-direction I meander to next. But one thing I know, it will be catchy AF. 


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