Music Video Premiere: Stop Being Hung up on That Guy Who Never Calls with “Another One” by ellie d.

Singer, songwriter, and actress from Los Angeles, ellie d. brings us her new music video dor her single “Another One”. ellie d. grew up in a rock and roll influenced household with artists pumping through the speakers such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Billy Joel, and Fleetwood Mac. ellie d. draws on her experiences to create fun and relatable indie/ electro-pop originals.

We had the pleasure of checking out her new music video for “Another One”. The video portrays an innocent story featuring lead singer and her girls at a bowling alley when she is approached by a cute guy. Sadly, he never calls her back and she is left waiting by the phone for him to call. Wondering why he hasn’t called she vocalizes her frustration in lyrics, “I am just another one, were you talking now for fun, it’s a waste of breath I’m done, go have your fun”.

The emotion she portrays is believable and well recognized by anyone who’s been in a similar situation. The storyline continues to build as she realizes that it's not worth waiting for him. She creativity depicts this phase of moving on both lyrically and visually in a scene where she is seen disconnecting the handing phones around her. I love the dramatic finish she adds to seal the deal that’s she done with him by hanging up her red phone for the last time. The music video is appropriate to her target audience, its fun and easily tells us a story by taking us between past and present reactions. All around a perfect visual to her newest original!

Check out ellie d.'s video below!