MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE: The Color Up Debuts Video for "I Want More"

Indie rock duo The Color Up is based in Los Angeles, CA, and synthesizing a true Rock N' Roll Sound with their music. Not only does The Color Up introduce indie elements to their work, but they also allow for the integration of soft metal components that can't go underlooked. The music duo creates this gripping atmosphere with sharp intonations that make for such a riveting experience! The Color Up live up to their dynamic and robust sounding with their track release "I Want More", which carries those integral and electric rock elements we're always looking for in a true rock single.

The Color Up has recently debuted their music video for "I Want More", and it's incredibly fitting for the intensity the track gives off on its own. The Color Up's forceful vocalist is highly featured throughout the video, allowing the outflow of lyricism to be communicated to listeners in a one-on-one, intimate but intense fashion. We receive time periods throughout the video where we get to see both vocalist and drummer in one scene, giving way to the extreme instrumental period displayed within "I Want More". Every element added into this music video complemented the overall song entirely, ranging from lighting effects to close-up visuals, The Color Up strategically produced their video ensuring an enthralling impression. All in all, the music video curated for "I Want More" easily captured the same rawness and power that the song itself holds. We're looking forward to seeing more video releases from The Color Up now that the new year has given way!

Check out The Color Up's "I Want More" music video here.

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