Music Based from Paintings with Poetry: A Peak Through the Looking Glass of Hope “With Little Light”

Manila-based visual artist Tita Halaman and her sibling Jerald Angelo elevate their audience’s emotional odyssey by producing indie alt-pop music inspired by Tita Halaman’s brooding, unorthodox oil paintings with accompanying poetry.

For the best experience, the two encourage you to listen to the tracks as you embody the depths of the colorful impasto strokes of Tita Halaman’s art and its poignant verses.

Taking you into the excelling depths of awe-inspiring artistry, the debut single from No Lore emits a distinctive radiance. “With Little Light” immerses from a buoyant realm that springs uplifting affinities into the passion we utilize on a day-to-day basis. The elusive yet prevailing timbres that twinkle from the intriguing instrumentation have us swimming in jaunty synths that summon an Alt-Pop miscellany of silver linings.

Accompanied by a poem and painting by Tita Halaman, she enlists Jerald Angelo to amalgamate in the formation of No Lore. The vitality served by the brother and sister duo has brought a textured depth to the layers they convey in this creative offering. Lyrically we drown in a striking arrangement of words that make you feel mindfully cognizant the more you linger with “With Little Light” on your mind. Stemming from a brilliant message that ushers you to embrace cordial tenors, the meaning radiated falls back on the ability to barely see when we’re trapped in dark places. Having your passion shine through the cracks of these dwellings allows us to weather the storm instead of succumbing to the failure that dreadfully comes knocking.

Wrapping our head around the tender love and care that has gone into all detailed aspects of “With Little Light,” we have exceptionally high hopes for No Lore to succeed in the optimistic hues of their messaging.