Mysterious and Talented Clancy Coulter Debuts Her New Single “Subconscious Suicide”

Fresh, young and talented Clancy Coulter is a singer, songwriter from British Columbia, Canada. This 19-year-old female artist has spent the last 18 months writing and recording in London for her first project. Growing up in the US, Clancy was exposed to a wide range of various musical influences, both classic and modern inspirations like; Blondie, Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks, Lady Gaga, Avril Lavigne and Paramore. She defines her style as electric with a fun and interesting twist on rock and alternative pop.  

Her newest album is set to debut in 2020! One of her singles from the record “Subconscious Suicide” with an edgy and captivating beginning. Her lyrics are very powerful, the hint of emotion she portrays seems so personal as if she is directly talking to someone. Her vibes are poppy, appealing to a wide audience. Clancy highlights her powerful vocal range and creatively plays with tones to bring this song to another level of intensity. She depicts a mental struggle in her mind, causing “Subconscious Suicide”. We can see her Lady Gaga influence beaming, where there is a complete redirection in her song and a unique ending of vocals ending in a question. A definite must add to your special playlist all year round! Clancy has a lot to offer the music industry and we can’t wait to hear more.

Listen to “Subconscious Suicide” here.

Hi Clancy and welcome to BuzzMusic. How does your artist name define you as an artist?

Yo BuzzMusic!, thank you very much for having me. Using my artist's name as my own name reinforces my devotion to my art. There aren’t two worlds I’m living in. Rather, I am my music, my entire life is devoted to my craft.

What was it like touring in the UK writing songs and how has this shaped your career in LA?

Being able to experience a foreign music scene at the beginning stages of my career was incredible. I learned so much in a year. Industry standards, proper studio grind, and differing international genres. The work, the songwriting, I did was fast-paced and intense to the point I discovered writing I didn’t know I could; emotions I didn’t know I could lyrically emote. It all shaped my perspective heavily. The way I appreciate music, how hard I work, and my genre all shaped to where I can come back to LA with the confidence I found in London and continue the grind.

We love your new single! What was the inspiration behind, “Subconscious Suicide”? The tone suggests some deeper meaning.

Thank you thank you! Subconscious Suicide basically plays ode to driving yourself insane by questioning what you thought you knew. The song was written after just moving to LA, before London, and being hit with the reality of just how hard this industry is. I was seeing an artist, who I also envied, he saw my naivety and ate the confidence I had to feed his own ego. I thought I could make it until he made me a question and rethink to the point I lost control of who I even was as an artist. That shits boring, typical insecure men, F that completely.

What is your vision for your new debut album? Any central themes?

She’s A Poet is the main theme to this year debuting. My songs are lyrically deep and interpretive, but musically sickening and hard. I write everything myself, from my experiences/emotions, but the songs are situational. My job as a writer, as a Poet, is to convey the message not write the story. My songs are for who needs them whether that’s to scream crying or begging for sex. Man, its just up to the people.

What can we expect from Clancy Coulter in 2020?

Catch my band and I screaming about hypothetical suicide, bad bitches and pain wrapped in love all around LA. Singles will be dropped, groupies will be stolen, just a whole lotta bada$$ sh*t, if I’m even allowed to say that. Thanks again BuzzMusic.

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