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Najee Thomas "Sets It Off" With A New Hit!

Najee Thomas is just a kid who loves music and wants people to hear it as much as he does.

Najee released his single titled “Set It Off” and he showcases a charismatic fun personality through his lyrics while also giving us a trail-blazing delivery. The auto-tune in the vocals helped curate an infectious melody in the hook we couldn’t get enough of! Najee represents the light-hardheartedness in rap today and we love every bit of it! The vibrancy “Set It off”exudes is just unforgettable and completely memorable! The transitions in the record show off a sense of professionalism in the artistry of Najee. Najee is easily marketable due to his music and sound becoming easily translatable and digestible across the current generation of listeners. “Set it off” is a song that would generate the right audience and create excellent radio airplay for Najee. Najee is no doubt in mind, the next rising star with his colorful music and dope delivery.

Listen to "Set It Off" here and get to know more about Najee below!

Hey Najee! Mind telling our readers a little bit about where you’re from and your music!?

Im 23, im born & raised in New York. I've lived in Washington heights my whole life & its truly been amazing. I started writing music when i was around 12 maybe 13, but i didn't really start recording & putting myself out there until 16.

Your record “Set It Off” was a pleasant surprise! What was the main theme behind it?

um the theme behind it was pretty simple really, Set it off has to be top 3 for one of my favorite movies so i kinda wanted to use that movie theme in my lyrics which i think i kinda did.

What inspired you to write “Set It Off” ?

umm honestly i was just in the house thinking about a girl that's always down to ride for her guy no matter what the situation. I think this song validates that.

Do you have any inspirations or influences for your sound!?

honestly music in general is my inspiration. I've always loved music and wanted to make it, not to sound like anybody else but to actually make my own sound. But i definitely have favorite rappers artist such as lil wayne, j cole, uzi etc.

What’s next for you Najee?

That's a good question, i guess you gotta wait & find out lol na i have a project I've been working on for a minute that im looking forward to dropping for ya in Mid July, so you just gotta wait until then.

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