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Natalie Nichole Talks Her Win on Nick Cannon's #Signmetoncredible & New Song “Tell Him”

Welcome to BuzzMusic! What’s the story behind “Natalie Nichole”?

What’s the story behind “Natalie Nichole”? I feel I have so much “story” to tell. Actually, I feel my life is more than just a story, it’s truly a testimony. I’ve been through a lot on my journey & with God guiding me I’ve gotten so far & I’m beyond grateful for that. There’s several lessons & segments that have played out in my life from birth to now. I’ve experienced racism, fatherlessness, abuse in all forms etc. but I’ve also overcome all of those things. There’s so much I could speak on & teach with any one of those pieces of my story. The most recent part of my story was being homeless in LA before getting discovered by Nick Cannon. Here’s a link to a short film of actual footage of me while I was homeless in L.A. This film won best directing & was nominated best documentary at the Writers Guild in Beverly, Hills. I feel like if I were to truly dive deep into who Natalie Nichole is we’d need to set up a longer interview lol!

You have some huge accomplishments, congrats! Tell us about Nick Cannon's #SignMeToNCredible Challenge via Instagram where you won! What was that experience like?

The experience of winning the #SignMeToNcredible challenge to me was a Godsend it led me to my manager TyRay Johnson & has opened up so many doors for me as an independent artist. I got to work with Nick Cannon & I learned so much throughout that whole process.

We really enjoyed your single “Tell Him”. How would you describe your creative process behind this record?

My new song “Tell Him” is a true story. The process behind writing "Tell Him" was actually pretty simple because all of my songs are based on true events or occurrences in my life. I fell for my best friend, she fell for me & she happened to have a man. I don’t condone cheating but sometimes things happen & in that situation, it got pretty intense. The song is very descriptive & raw it’s truly saying everything that happened in that situation. Ultimately, in real life, we ended it & are still cool friends. Thank God for maturity & understanding otherwise that could’ve been a worse situation. I write about things that have an impact on me or my emotions. That rendezvous obviously made me feel some type of way.

What inspired you to write this single? Do you draw any musical inspiration from any other artists?

I think I pretty much answered this question in the last question. As far as musical inspiration from any other artists, I’m influenced by Chris Brown, Mariah Carey, Steven Tyler & so many other types of artists across all genres of music. I grew up listening to everything so when you hear a Natalie Nichole song you might hear flavor from a lot of different artists with my spin on it of course. I love GREAT MUSIC.

What are you looking forward to the most out of this year in 2020? What can we expect to see from you?

In 2020 I officially upstarted my independent label “Indience Music Group” where I mentor young indie artists of all genres in how to market their music & make sure they’re getting their moneys worth from their investments in their creations. Also, it provides a lot of opportunities besides that through the connections I have via my manager/marketer in the industry. At Indience we have the artist's best interest at heart. I'm looking forward to seeing my mob flourish. Besides that, I’m excited for all the projects I’ll be releasing this year on my own & with some of the Indience Mob. I'll be starting some touring & so much more! God is really working & I’m just grateful that all my hard work is paying off & I can share my gifts with the world. It keeps getting bigger & bigger & better & better.

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