Nathan Mac Tells a Poetic Story With His Sincere Single, "The Boy Who Learned To Fly"

The 28-year-old Dublin-based Pop Artist and Singer/Songwriter Nathan Mac pull us in tight with a heartfelt story through his latest single, "The Boy Who Learned To Fly."

After seeing incredible success through the first release "Better Off Without You" off his upcoming album "Start of Something Blue," Nathan Mac has garnered a whopping fanbase across Ireland while gaining the attention of international audiences as well. When speaking about his music, Nathan Mac stated that it's his job and joy to portray the complicated lives of complicated people.

Through his upcoming album's second release, "The Boy Who Learned To Fly," Nathan Mac offers listeners all the warmth to settle down this winter. He ties in a heartfelt and personal lyrical message surrounding inner-vulnerability and growing alongside loved ones who breakdown from time to time. Through modern Pop production and organic instrumentals, the song offers bliss and peace from all aspects.

"The Boy Who Learned To Fly" opens with soft chimes in the background similar to a lullaby. As Nathan Mac's smooth background vocals take the stage accompanied by the serene production, he begins singing with clarity and heart regarding a personal story that's being told from his father's perspective.

Moving towards the second verse, Nathan Mac switc