Nelson Sobral Is Illuminating This Year's Music Horizons With His New Single, "Yours & Mine"

The song kicks off with some crisp spring reverb washed guitar struts before a vintage feeling drumset breaks through to introduce Nelson Sobral's pristine hooks. As we progress, "Yours & Mine," continues to evolve into a swampy steel-string guitar lathed miracle. Nelson Lays bare his intentions for the rest of the song with his gracious turn arounds, and call back vocals. He is here to allure us into taking a plunge into the warm bath of orchestration he has graciously curated for us. Through the choruses, the tune blends well amongst melancholy guitar work with distanced colored keys in the background. It's a hard but fearless turn away from the standard calling card of country music straightforwardness because of its rhythm and blues-inspired vibe marinated in a blues-rock mirrored mixture. On "Yours & Mine", Nelson throws all the genres above into the trunk of his car and does 85 down the backroads.

Musically, this piece has featured in common with some Americana music or any roots rock, really. The track is assembled together by the lush beckons of Nelson's lightly saturated vocals and tastefully distorted bass guitar. Showing that he can deliver us between emotional vocal crescendos into intimate guitar reintroductions, songwriting structure is king in his world. It doesn't matter if he's playing a dreamy campfire song (there is none here, by the way) or a two-minute instrumental extravaganza. Nelson Sobral is the one dictating his sound, and you can take it or leave it.

You can find "Yours & Mine" here.

Hey there, Nelson! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We're especially pleased to be highlighting "Yours & Mine"! Tell us about your motivation behind creating this single. What are your inspirations behind making music in the RnB infused country style that you've developed?

Hey! Thanks! The motivation was that it was the readiest of all the songs I've been tracking at my home studio. There's about a dozen or so in various stages. The inspiration for my sound is just the music I was raised on. R&B, Country, Rock&Roll, Blues, Soul its just filtered through me into my own thing.

Who has had the most significant influence on your life musically thus far? Can you explain the importance this particular individual has had in terms of your gift to convey powerful emotions through your music?

I can't say one different times in my life it been different people...originally it was my mom who is a music freak and raised me on a steady diet of the '50s & 60's music...currently it's my wife who gives me space and support to create and be the artist I am.

You host some live open mic nights in the city of Toronto frequently. Can you tell us how you managed you get yourself into that position of curating local talents in your spare time?

I regularly host "Open Mic Mondays at The Painted Lady" I grew up writing songs at home and then playing in a jam band kind of scene...lots of just playing and jamming/improvising so I know how far to take things before it needs to come back to the song and I understand what players/songwriters need to express themselves in that environment.

It was terrific having you here on BuzzMusic! Are you planning on collaborating with anyone in the future? Is there anything, in particular, you are most excited about finishing or starting this year?

I'm always playing & writing with different people...I've done some writing with my friend Ches Anthony who's doing well in the Canadian Country Music scene, writing with him is always fun. I'm most excited about finishing up this next batch of songs so I can put out an album so people can hear what I've been cooking up in the studio!