Neomi Is the Alt-Pop Result of Joining Tantalizing Hooks With a Sensuous Flare

With 2020 just evolving into its summer moons, "On Your List," is the newest cornerstone in Neomi's blossoming career. She promotes her hold over her unique tone and makes this song feeling like a swaggering alt-pop dream exhibition. With a strong following on her Spotify and with a memorable persona, Neomi endeavors to make a mark in the music industry with her newest releases.

This song features a punchy midsection, scratchy hi-hats, oscillating and warping samples, and tweaked electric guitars that riffle in and out of the chorus. She grabs hold with an addictive vocal hook and imbues it with a persuasive tenderness as her dazing performance takes the center spotlight on this summertime single. "Head's always crowded with images of you," she enamors, "Tell me is your mind, crowded with me too," while the guitar hammers down in force. Her story revolves around the yearning to be the focus of another's affection. Her expression is so evident that you can imagine the open book scene in your head as you tap along with your feet. These are not the chronicles of an amateur, as her single grabs your attention promptly one last time. "Tell me, how can I get to number one on your list too, number one, on your list too" she finishes as the heartbeat of the song dissuades, and we're left with a wistful screening into the dynamic and rousing four walls of Neomi's mind.

Be sure to listen to "On Your List" here.