Neon Dreams Just Released a Unique Stop Motion Music Video for “Sick of Feeling Useless"

Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Alt-Pop duo Neon Dreams releases their highly acclaimed music video for their single “Sick of Feeling Useless.”

The duo has a very interesting creative process, as they speak upon their current feelings before their recording sessions to see if they can strike gold with a common emotion.

Doing so with their latest music video, Adrian Morris, Frank Kadillac, and friend/collaborator Nathaniel Motte (3OH3!) all shared the same feeling of wanting to do more with their lives.

Creating an astounding stop motion music video to provide something fresh to quarantined performances, Neon Dreams definitely isn’t as useless as they think.

Neon Dreams really could’ve just cropped together their isolated performances, yet instead, they decided to take the next creative step and add these brilliant stop motion images of several nostalgic elements like; Pokemon, Pac-Man, Hot Wheels, etc.

While Neon Dreams belts out their anthemic lyrics that we can all relate to, we’re kept hooked on the video through crafty editing techniques and an overall authentic and unique approach to quarantined music videos.