Neontown's New EP Perfectly Portrays The Future Of Electro-Pop

From Italy to Leeds, UK, the talented electro-pop duo Neontown returns with a memorable and vibrant 6-track EP entitled 'One Of Us.'

After years of working on their solo projects, songwriters and producers Jac and Aure banded together to create one of the most influential and exciting sounds we've heard to date. The boys are heavily influenced by late 90s pop and contemporary electro-pop/dance. Now releasing their lively EP, 'One Of Us,' Neontown brings us into the exhilarating realm of upbeat electro-pop.

Heading into the new EP, we're greeted with the introductory and title track, "One Of Us," which kickstarts the project with a twinkling synth arrangement that later drops into a thrilling and modern drum pattern alongside light and airy synths. As Jac's warm and exciting vocals begin to rain down from above, we make our way to the hook where Aure's exciting Owl City-like vocal filters meet the song's thrilling production to offer this radiant and groovy sonic landscape. Aure takes on the second verse and serenades us with his melodic vocals singing an inspirational message of optimism.

On track number two, "Electric," the song opens with Jac's soothing vocals alongside fluttery synths, a lively yet soft dance beat, and refreshing piano melodies. As Aure jumps into the pre-hook, he begins to portray the "Electric" love he feels when around someone special. A chilling build leads us into a nostalgic progressive house drop that takes us back to the days where Armin van Buuren and Tiesto ruled our summers. There's something about Jac and Aure's vocals that contrast so perfectly and offer this dynamic back and forth, making for a memorable and engaging listening experience.

In the next track, "All It Takes," Aure opens the song with his sweet vocal stylings alongside a plucky guitar sample and crisp drum breaks. As a pulsating synth begins to emerge from the background, Jac jumps in with his head-turning and confident vocals while a sonic transition takes us by surprise and reminds us of a prime-time Kesha or Gaga song. We can definitely hear Neontown's Gaga influence shine through within the EP's halfway point, especially through the production's exciting and sensual undertones. We love the lustful and desirous feel of this track; it perfectly evens out the entire project.

Jumping into track number four, "What I Like," a plucky electric guitar and shimmering synth rain down from above while a quick drum beat dances through our speakers alongside Jac's sensual vocal stylings that yearn for someone's love. Once Aure makes his way in, he switches the song into a brighter atmosphere with his slightly higher vocals that lead us into an invigorating beat drop. We love the contemporary approach that this song's production has to offer; it leaves us basking in the glory of complex and intricate electronic composition.

Getting emotional with the fifth track, "Leave You Now," the song opens with more of a punk approach through a quick drum arrangement and soft keyboard melodies alongside Jac's emotional vocal stylings that sing of love's confusion. As we move over to the anthemic hook, Aure jumps in and sings his heart out while Neontown wins us over with both artists' captivating vocal duet and relatable lyricism. Although Neontown sings a rather reflective and difficult message, their sonics portray all the brightness and vibrance we could ask for from modern electro-pop.

Moving onto the final track of the EP, "June," the song opens similarly to what the month of June would sound like; dazzling, refreshing, and warm. As Jac takes our hands and leads us into the first verse, he softly and charismatically begins to portray the emotions of parting ways with a lover and yearning to rekindle their once-lit flame. As Aure's beaming vocals pour through our speakers, so does a thrilling sonic build that drops us into a picturesque beat drop, filled with beautiful modern sound design that reminds us of our beloved summer days.

Neontown's new EP is a spectacular and dynamic electronic journey that perfectly portrays the future of the evolving genre. Find Neontown's EP, 'One Of Us,' on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Neontown. We're thrilled to chat with you about your new EP, 'One Of Us.' Were there any experiences or moments that inspired your duo to create this project?

This project is mostly inspired by past experiences and memories. We actually started writing songs together during the first lockdown in 2020 and we had so many experiences in common that it felt so natural talking about it and putting them into our music. We actually wrote so many songs just over that period but we wanted this EP to include the first tracks we worked on as it introduces us for who we are, what we stand for, and where we're coming from. Music has always been a very liberating thing for us and we are so happy this EP is finally out.

What did you want to make your audience feel when listening to the EP 'One Of Us'? What did you want them to take away from the project?

Some songs on ‘One Of Us’ are very easy to relate to as they are about things that pretty much everyone has experienced in the past, such as butterflies in their stomach, or making the most of the time spent together with someone, or falling over and over for someone who keeps breaking your heart.

When creating your EP, 'One Of Us,' did you have any artistic influences or projects in mind?

So many! We are massive fans of pop music especially from the noughties and some artists that we look up to would be Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Owl City, and many more. We really like to experiment with our sound and take a bit of every style and make it fit into ours.

Which song from 'One Of Us' is your duo's personal favorite? What makes you so drawn to that song in particular?

Lyrics wise possibly "One Of Us" as it is so important to us to express who we are and be proud of it. It is not always easy to be yourself but it feels great when you finally allow yourself to do it! And we feel like it’s such an empowering song and it really makes feel like you are part of something bigger.

What was the most challenging aspect of creating your EP, 'One Of Us'? Did you have to jump any hurdles along the way?

The hardest part is possibly having to deal with the fact that we both work full-time jobs while making music as well, and believe it or not it takes so much time when you're writing, producing, recording, and thinking about everything else that comes with a release. We definitely enjoy doing it but it can get very tiring. We are working very hard to make sure that our music can reach many people and the fact that we started releasing music during a pandemic didn't help with getting exposure in the live music scene but we are working on that and we cannot wait to finally bring our music on stage!