New Dork Metz’s “Covid Hairdo” Shines Light On Issues We Can All Relate To

Having founded the children's YouTube channel, Capu Kids, New Dork Metz is a songwriter from Toronto, Canada, who most recently started writing songs for children. With over 30 years of songwriting under his belt, New Dork Metz brings us his newest song, "COVID Hairdo."

New Dork Metz's song, "COVID Hairdo," brings humor to the COVID-19 pandemic and shines a light on the basic necessities we no longer have access to during this period. New Dork Metz sings the lyrics, "I'm so very tired of my hairdo, I wanna go to the salon for just one more day," and we can't help but relate. As the song grows and develops, New Dork Metz introduces grand cymbal swells and strings, adding textures that felt theatrical and full of color. Whether you're looking for something upbeat to dance to or something to throw on for your kids, "COVID Hairdo" is the perfect song. His vocals are fun and tasteful, bringing even more joy to the composition. With a pulsing piano and lively synths, New Dork Metz lifted our spirits and put a smile on our faces. Don't miss out on this artist's fun and quirky style in "COVID Hairdo." Check out “COVID Hairdo” here.


Hello New Dork Metz! Welcome to BuzzMusic. We know that you have over 30 years of songwriting experience under your belt but only in the last few years did you decide to write songs for children. What inspired you to start your YouTube channel, Capu Kids? I started Capu Kids because of my two young daughters (age 3 and 5). I got really tired of watching the same kids’ videos over and over again. So, one day I just decided to write a song about numbers. My very first video on the Capu Kids channel was called “Counting Babies Up to 10”. I collaborated with a 3D animator from Belgium (Filadelfo Olimpo) , such a cool name; and we released it in November 2018. I’ve been writing mostly children’s songs ever since and we have a total of 10 videos in the works. The latest, called “Following a Bee”, is my coolest one yet. It also features our youngest singer, Stella Azzopardi, who just turned seventeen. What can you tell us about the meaning behind your song “COVID Hairdo”? COVID Hairdo is a song I wrote after watching news footage of people protesting the stay at home orders and governmental restrictions. I was really shocked to see so many people waving signs that read “I WANT A HAIRCUT!”. My first thoughts were, “You’d much rather defy lockdown orders and risk contracting a potentially deadly virus to get a haircut?” That’s an interesting idea for a song! After watching my COVID Hairdo video, one of my friends said “It’s both poignant and satirical, but I especially love the Superman costume!” I filmed it at home with my two daughters, of course, and I also performed the vocals myself, but trust me, I’m NOT a singer. In terms of singing ability, I might be wedged in between the two Williams; Shatner and Hung. Who are your biggest influences when it comes to music? How do you think they’ve shaped your writing? My biggest influences would have to be bands like The Cure, The Killers, Radiohead, Beatles, Stones...the list is endless! But I like using mostly piano and strings on my songs, cuz that’s the kinda guy I am! Orchestral touches like kettles drums I’ve used on a few songs too, including COVID Hairdo. I also have this annoying habit of listening to one song over and over again! Everyone knows that person. One time, I remember having a house party and playing, “Just Like Heaven” by The Cure on a loop for 5 hours straight until the next-door neighbor came over and politely asked us to turn it down. Bless her heart. Most people would have smashed the CD player to smithereens! What is your ultimate goal as a musician? Is this being worked on or put into place currently? My ultimate goal as a musician is to keep writing songs because that’s what I LOVE to do but it would also be really cool to have people genuinely enjoy listening to the songs I write. However, writing, recording, and producing songs is not a cheap habit- my wife tells me that all the time. And don’t forget the animated videos; they can be VERY expensive to write and produce unless you can do it yourself. I have spent a ton of money over the past two years on videos alone. If I were to offer some advice to those just starting out in the songwriting/video making business- I’d say, have a secondary occupation or a supplemental income to help cover the costs. For me, I’m also a full-time elementary teacher who has definitely been a lifesaver when it comes to pursuing an expensive passion.

What's next for you?

I have a five-year plan to write enough children's songs to put together a troupe of singers and go on tour. We’d start locally first and see where it goes from there. Whether that comes to fruition or not has yet to be seen but we can always dream, right?